Monday, November 24, 2008

James 10 Months!!

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My little man is 10 months and I can't hardly believe it! Pretty soon his first birthday will be here and the next thing I know it he will be leaving on his mission!! These are just some of the milestones that he is reaching!

He has seven teeth and uses them VERY WELL!!

He pulls himself up to just about everything and has started to climb them!

He loves to wave and clap!

James LOVES music, he will sing to the radio or at church or to any music that speaks to him.

He has begun to help get himself dressed by putting his arms through the arm holes in his shirts.

He mimics all sorts of noises like sneezes and coughing.

James likes to fake cough just to be silly

He is happy most of the time with lots of smiles!

He loves his Daddy to put him to sleep at night.

He seems to be getting closer and closer to walking but finds crawling much faster at this point!

His favorite foods are bananas, apples, green beans, pirates booty, Ritz crackers, rice, or anything that we are eating!

Climbing the stairs or getting into the dog food is on the top of his to do list.

James enjoys the bath, he will use the wash cloth to get a drink by dunking it under the water and then sucking on it to get the water out.


The Yates Family said...

Cute pictures! What a little man he's turning out to be :)

Beverly B. said...

Wow, seven teeth. C only has two.

Sarasue said...

Wow I cant believe he is already ten months old!!! He is so cute. Jr finally has EIGHT teeth!!! Well its good to see James is growin and such a happy boy :)

Liz - Jess said...

What a happy little boy! Those pictures sure are cute of him! :-)

Jessi McCall said...

I just realized that you said to email you my sddress, and I already left it in a comment. Sorry, I got excited the 1st time I read your comment and didn't get past the "your apron is ready" part. :)
On a smarter note though, James is soo cute. I can't belive he has 7 teeth, Phoenix had NONE until she turned 1. Also, be grateful for all that beautiful hair he has. What a beautiful family you were blessed with!

Britt and Rick said...

He is sooo cute! I love his smile.