Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Just can't Wait!

So I have to blog about some other things but don't worry there is still time to enter the Give Away if you haven't already! I just have so many other things that need to be blogged or they will be forgotten!! Going back a bit we had a GREAT Halloween, there was the usual Ward party and then on Halloween Day we hit the pumpkin patch per Kelley tradition! We were a bit late this year so we missed the pony rides and petting zoo but we still had fun. That night we had originally planned on attending a friends ward party but decided to trick or treat in the Orchards (a neighborhood close by) instead. Well I stayed in the car feeding James and Jimmy took the girls to a few houses then we came back to the house and made some yummy treats and then it was time for bed! It was a great night, I love just being together making memories! The best part for me were the girls costumes, I decided that I would make the costumes this year, in past years I just buy them but I was feeling ambitious and found some fun ideas online so what the heck! Lexi was a "Bad school picture" and Grace was "A fairy God-mother", James well he was the product of a Mom spending all the time on making older sister costumes that I never made it out to buy or make one for him, but he won't remember, right? So here are a few pictures from Halloween 2008!
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James was lucky enough to have a pumpkin hat that his Grammy Bonnie made and sent to us! Thanks, he looks so cute in it!! Oh and the yummy treats were an idea I got from my friend Tiffany several months ago and they are a favorite around our house!


Liz - Jess said...

Your kids costumes are so creative and awesome! How unique! They all look so adorable. I especially love the picture frame.

Cute pumpkin patch pictures too! I always say I am going to go there because everyone makes it look like so much fun, but I never do. Maybe next year! :-)

Beverly B. said...

Very creative costumes! I'm so impressed.

Jason and Page said...

Cute Halloween pics! (When are you going to show me how to do fun collages like yours, I know I've asked like 100 times)