Saturday, May 17, 2008

Still catching up! Arts and Crafts!!

So now these are pics from about a week and half ago, but It was a fun thing that the girls did. On several occasions me and my Grace will go to Target in the afternoons and just spend time looking! She loves to walk up and down the toy isles just looking at everything and it cracks me up because she acts so big by saying things like "Oh that is awesome, but it is too money!" or "I want this for my birday and from Santa" we don't usually buy anything she just enjoys looking! Anyway so we were there last week and she came across a really fun make your own craft set. It was a piggy bank that you could paint and make it personal, well she thought "Sissy" i.e Lexi would like one too so she picked out a set that came with a cup and a plate. We got home and I decided that we should do it that day or it would end up in a closet and sit forever, so we laid out some paper and set everything up so the girls could get to work. I let them do whatever they wanted to their pieces and I just monitored to make sure there weren't any major messes. Grace used every color and had the best time, Lexi had her friend Gabby help with hers and they were quite a good team. It was a fun activity, the sad part was after all the hard work and creativity Grace was admiring her work the next day and it fell and broke. She was very sad so we will have to do it again.
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Shelley & Jake said...

What a fun activity! I sometime wish Evan would get into arts and crafts, but he has zero interest! At least I can be glad that he'll make less messes, right? And maybe Skylar will be my little crafting buddy. By the way, I love that family tree on your wall. I saw those in red envelop and drooled over them!

Brady, Brook, & Ellie said...

that looks like a lot of fun! Ellie and I also enjoy cruising the aisles at Target, however, we usually end up with quite a cart full by the end!