Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So sweet, if only for a moment!

So yesterday, myself, Grace and James were just hanging out waiting for our new couch and chair to arrive when Grace asked if she "could carry Grames" i.e can I hold James. So we found them a soft spot to sit and then I laid James next to her and I decided I better get some shots of this before this sweet scene went away. I love that Grace can be so wild and crazy and then the next moment she is sweet and quiet just loving her brother. So here is just a sweet moment that i had as a Mom.
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Camille said...

What cute kids! I've been meaning to call you back, but it has been beyond crazy around here, and I am... a little behind to say the least. ;-) Soon!

Tom & Rachel said...

I love that she calls him Grames! Those pictures are priceless and will be so sweet to have. Jacob and I have some pictures of ourselves back when we loved each other too. Just kidding...we still love each other.

Steph said...

Grames is so cute! Love that Grace :)