Monday, May 19, 2008

Let Me Count the Ways!

Happy Birthday Jimmy! Well today is my husband's 30th Birthday and I thought I should pay a little tribute to this sweet man of mine!

30. I love him because he is great at taking out the trash!

29. I love him because he washes the dishes without me even asking!

28. I love that he is a bad cook but he keeps trying!

27. I love his laugh!

26. I love that he loves to spoil me!

25. I love when he lets me cry as long as I need to!

24. I love his scruff after not shaving for a few days!

23. I love that he won't say anything if I haven't gotten the house just right

22. I love that he respects me!

21. I love how safe he makes me feel!

20. I love when he hugs me, he is like a big bear!

19. I love how he pouts!

18. I love how he loves my parents!

17. I love how adventurous he is!

16. I love that he brings me flowers!

15. I love how he listens to me!

14. I love that he makes me want to be a better person!

13. I love when he calls me during the day just say hello!

12. I love watching him play with our kids!

11. I love how he supports me in my interests!

10. I love the way he kisses!

9. I love that he is tall and I can wear HIGH heels!!

8. I love how he is kind to others!

7. I love how hard he works!

6. I love that he is really smart!

5. I love how he makes me smile and laugh out loud!

4. I love his dancing :)

3. I love that he is such a great Dad!

2. I love when he holds my hand!

1. I love how he loves me!

I love you Honey for all you do and all that you are, for loving me and putting up with me!

Jimmy grew up not really having big birthdays and he has never asked for one since we have been married but I couldn't let his 30th Birthday pass and not do something that he would remember! So one night when he was feeling a bit pouty and was talking about not having very many friends and he said jokingly "I know, why don't you call ALL my friends and throw me a surprise party" he laughed and I laughed a little and then thought "MMM I bet he would never suspect a surprise party" so I went to work the next day at calling all the couples that we have become friends with over the years and I was so happy when most of them said they could make it! Tonight was the big night and I had done so well at not giving any hints to him about anything, he just thought we were going to my parents house for dinner with my parents (today is my Mom's birthday too). So after he got home from work we headed up to my parents and everyone was waiting! I loved watching his face as he realized that all these people were there for him, I think he was a bit mortified at first and then he was excited! We had a great night talking and laughing with everyone! Thanks to all those that made it, we know many of you live far away and we hope you know how grateful we are to have friends like you!

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Rob and Michelle said...

I'm so sorry we couldn't make it but HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY!! We should have just skipped Corey's was pretty lame!

Kasey Eyre said...

Sorry we had to leave early...both boys fell asleep on the way home! Thanks for inviting us, we had a good time. We need to do a double date again - it was a lot of fun last time but was way too long ago!

John and Marissa said...

That was a fun evening! I loved the baby pictures! Thanks for having us over...Happy Birthday Jimmy!

John and Heather Davis said...

Surprises are the BEST!!! What fun!. Good job Marylin!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY!!!!

Angie Larkin said...

Oh man...I read the entry "her pain". That was so touching. I remember how I felt about my best friend at that age. What a loss. I think you were wise to snap that photo. What a moment.

Tom & Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to your awesome husband. He does the dishes without being asked?! He's a keeper! :)