Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh man I am behind!

So much has been going on and I haven't had time to post about it all so here I will try to get it all in here! So as my last post talked about being in Utah, I decided to take the kids and drive to Salt Lake. It was the weekend of Women's Conference and while I usually get to attend it this year with a baby it wasn't going to be possible but since my sister Alyssa was coming from Texas and my Mom and our family friend Lori were driving up I decided to head that way. I have several friends that live in the SLC area so I made it a point to visit them this trip! On the way up we drove through a SNOW storm, mind you it was April 30 and that seemed a little strange for the Vegas girl! Thursday we drove to Clinton, UT which is North of Salt Lake to visit my awesome friend Glenna and her family. We had a great day just talking and hanging out and letting the kids play. I was bummed that I forgot to get pictures of the day!

I know this is an old picture but that is me and then Glenna in the middle
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That night after we left Glenna's we met some of Jimmy's cousins at Noodles N Company for a little visit and then we headed back to the hotel.

The next day we met up with my friend Gentry and her two daughters for lunch and then we decided that the safest place to take 5 kids would be back to our hotel since it was still very cold outside.

It was another great afternoon and then that night we met up with another good friend Anna. We had dinner and then went to her house in West Jordan to talk and hang out for a few hours! It was so good to see them, I feel very fortunate to have so many good friends that no matter how long it has been you can pick up where you left off. On Saturday we checked out of our hotel and decided to meet up with my Mom and Lori to walk around Temple Square, it was AMAZING! It was finally starting to warm up and the flowers were in full bloom!
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On our way out of town we stopped to see my Aunt Annetta who lives in West Jordan. She has not been well and I really wanted to see her and the time we had with her felt precious. I must say that of all the many trips I have made to Utah this is by far was one of the most memorable and fun trips that I have had. The kids did wonderful in the car and other than an incident with the car alarm at 11pm while parked in the hotel parking lot they were angels!
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Rob and Michelle said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip!

Kasey Eyre said...

I love all of your pictures from Temple Square! I've been there at Christmas to see the lights, but I'd love to go in the spring to see all of the flowers.

Brady, Brook, & Ellie said...

sounds like a great trip! gotta love snow at the end of april!

Jack & Ashley said...

I first want to say that I love James' overalls they are very cute. Im so glad that you had a good time. Your girls are growing up way to fast. Hope to see you this summer. love you

The Biggs said...

wow! You really were quite busy! Glad to hear you thought it was strange that it's still snowing here in Utah some days....drives me crazy some days! I don't think it's ever going to really be spring or summer!