Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My little Hermione!

Well this week is Nevada Reading week and at Lexi's school they are doing little things each day to celebrate and today is Harry Potter Day. Lexi started telling me last week that she wanted to dress up as Hermione for the day and I, being not so much of a seamstress was trying to think of things we might have around the house. Well we talked about it all weekend and I wasn't sure we were gonna pull it off and then last night after Family Home Evening Alexis and I headed off to Target to see what we could come up with. Target was lacking the desired items except for some knee high gray socks, we went to the close by Mervyn's and we were in luck, not only did they have the remaining items but they were on CLEARANCE!! The last stop was Payless to see about shoes and once again it was our night, they had the perfect pair, the last ones in her size and they were having their BOGO sale, so we grabbed some church shoes for Grace paid for them and headed home. We set everything out for the morning and it was off to bed for the girls. This morning Lexi was up with the sun, she was SOOO excited to dress up as her favorite character. She got dressed, we did her hair and then had a few min before the other two woke up to take some pictures! For me the best part was seeing and feeling her excitement! As a Mom I try hard to spend time with each of my children one on one, and I hope that for her this will also be a lasting memory!

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Tiffany said...

Marylin you also have little cutie pies! Congratulations on your little boy. Mindie says hello and how are you doing?