Monday, February 25, 2008

Am I alone?

So I wasn't sure if I should write about this but what the heck. It all happened a few weeks back, one evening when James was about a week old I got a phone call from our friend and also a member of the Bishopric in our ward. He started by thanking me and then released me from my calling in the Young Womens Presidency. I was a little surprised because I had only been in the calling for a year and I loved it! It was lots of time and work, but I loved working with the girls. It was a calling I had wanted for years and years! He continued in saying they were doing some reorganizing and that he had another calling for me but that we would meet in person for that. Then after hanging up the phone I was talking to my hubby about it cause just a few weeks before he had been released from his calling in the Young Men's and they had reorganized all of that. So hear I am thinking "well the two other ladies serving with me had been in the much longer than I so they must be giving them a break." Well Sunday we made sure to get there on time so that we could see how they would revamp the YW and that's when it happend. I was the ONLY one being released, even though the other two had talked about wanting to do something new, I was the one being released. I started to cry and after the sacrament was passed I had to leave. Since I had just had a baby I figured I could use that as my reason if anyone asked. I felt as though I had been kicked out, that something I did or didn't do was the reason they took me out of the calling. I am still very sad to not be working with the Young Women, I know that some might say "Oh well there must be a larger plan and everything works out in the end" and maybe it will, but right now it sure stinks. Am I alone in being this sad about being released? In past callings I was a little sad but always felt it was time for a change but not this time. Anyway life will go on but I just wondered if I am the only one that has felt this way? I love these girls!!!!

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