Friday, February 22, 2008

Maybe a little picky!!

So maybe I am a little picky and perhaps I have some issues but don't we all? I just can't take it anymore so I must vent. I am no English major by any means but I have a pet peeve with a little word in the English language the word "TOO" not to be mistaken for "TO". It drives me absolutely buggy when it gets forgotten, many people do it and I am sure that it must hurt "TOO's" feelings! I had a teacher that once made it very easy for me to remember to use it, she said that it had an extra 'O' cause it emphasizes having TOO much or TOO little of something. So while this is no sin and you can still get into Heaven without that extra 'O' let's give a little attention to this all TOO often forgotten word! :)


Rob and Michelle said...

AMEN!! Also annoying- my ex-SIL confused "our" and "are" all the time. ARRRRGHGHGH!! Glad to see more and more pictures of your little one. He is TOO dang cute girl!

Tom & Rachel said...

That is so funny. I have to admit that I've probably left an "o" off a time or two, but just by accident and not because of not knowing what's right. I can be kind of a grammar/spelling nazi myself. I posted way back about how people ALWAYS spell the word "definitely" wrong and how I can't stand it. They always put an "a" where the second "i" should be. I really like all your new family pictures on the side column. Very cute!

the littles said...

i must confess that it gets under my skin when things are used or spelled incorrectly as well. i've had to learn to not say anything unless asked because it hurts people's feelers!