Thursday, February 28, 2008

High to the Sky!!

Well my Grace has loved building towers since she was very young. She works with many different materials, blocks, cups, forks, chairs, you name it she has used it or tried to anyway. Well the other day she was looking in the pantry and decided that cans would be the perfect thing to build a tower with. She told me she was gonna "build it HIGH TO THE SKY!" I figured it wasn't gonna hurt the cans and it would keep her busy for a little while. She was so proud of her towers that I had to take pictures! Oh and she did this for almost an hour! :)


brook said...

I am surprised it took this long to start stacking the cans in the kitchen. Looks like fun though

Shelley & Jake said...

I love the things that will keep kids entertained! Maybe she'll do construction management when she grows up!