Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Long Time Coming!

Last night my husband and I were fortunate enough to get to go to John and Marissa's house to welcome their sweet Sarah home from the hospital. For me the best part aside from holding her was taking a picture with Marissa while holding our little babies!!! It was such a great evening, so much excitement and joy! Thanks Marissa for asking us to be there to share it with you guys! And Congrats again and oh HAPPY ANNIVERSARY today!!! :)


John and Marissa said...

Thank you for everything! You have been a great strength over the years. It was so neat to share this time with the people who are closest to us.

The Rowles said...

You guys look so cute! It's crazy James looks older next to Sarah. I wish I could have been there! How fun for you guys to have babies the same age.