Monday, May 17, 2010


I recently heard a most delightful sentiment, it went something like;

"When life gives you lemons, you have to squirt people in the eye."

I know in a perfect world we are supposed to make lemonade but don't you ever feel like doing that instead?? No. Well, I guess I am alone then.

Recently it seems as though many a lemon has been added to my basket, or to the baskets of those close to me. The first lemon is just a lemon and you deal, the next one is a bit more daunting and sour, and suddenly it seems I am up to my eye balls in Lemons!

Have I brought this upon myself because I have been cooking more with them or the fact that I am in love with the color yellow? Whatever the reason or the season, I wish that these Lemons would find a juicer!!

(forgive me for being ambiguous about all of this, but at this time I am not at liberty to discuss details)

Oh and the adventures of a 13 hour drive alone with 3 kids is about to be served :)


Liz Prisbrey said...

haha... I think I like your idea of how to use the lemon! Hope all is well! I'm heading out of town for a girls trip with my sisters but if I'm in town when you are here at all, dinner would be fun!!

familiesarepriceless said...

I saw your girls SUnday! Did they tell you I said hi!!

Mandi said...

I hope all is well and if you need anything or your family needs anything you will let me know. I am here!! I love your post!

David said...

(kasey's comment) How long are you here for? I hope everything is okay, or that it turns out okay in the end. Prayers are being sent your way....maybe you can make some Lemon Bars!

JENNIE! said...

when life hand you lemons... make lemon meringue pie... thanks for the sweet comment on the photo blog, you made my day:)