Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 Signs You Have The "MOM" Syndrome

There are ten very important signs to look for when considering the possibility you might have a case of the "Mom" syndrome. If you in deed have even a few of these symptoms, while there is no cure, you are not alone!!

10. You see a mess where no one else does!!

9. You stay up late just to have some quiet time.

8. You rarely eat warm food at dinner because; "I need catchup! I need a spoon! I need more etc etc etc.! Can you cut my food for me?"

7. You know the location of every fast food joint with a play area!

6. You find solace in hearing your friends issues with their own children and seeing their house a little messy!!

5. Taking a bath or using the toilet alone is like visiting a foreign country, it rarely happens.

4. Your favorite clothes are the ones that hide stuff the best i.e stains, tears, snot and they stretch a little!

3. Having time to blow dry your hair is a luxury.

2. You find your self cleaning up even while using the lavatory.

1. Discussions about labor& delivery, puke, poop, stretch marks & potty training are common place!

Bonus Symptom** The last time you watched your favorite T.V. show uninterrupted was when Silver Spoons was on television!!!

****If you answered yes to any of these you might be dealing with a case of the "MOM" syndrome and the best treatments are a night out with the girls, date nights with your husband or trips to Target without your kids!!!


Emily said...

uh oh! I think I've got a severe case of this mom syndrome. Is there a help hot line available?

BZmommy said...

Lol!! Blast! I'm 11 for 11!! This was hilarious because it was so spot on! Hope you are having a bit more lemonade this week and not so many lemons! Thinking of you!

millisa said...

lol! and waht happens if every single symptom describes you? uh oh,i think i am on trouble...or maybe it is the fact that i have THREE boys and another on the way...a trip alone to target sounds AMAZING right about now!

Holly Renee said...

Number 10 is so my mom, now I know why. Number 5 cracked me up. Now I know what I have to look forward to one day!