Tuesday, March 31, 2009

White Boy Dance Class?

Is there a mandatory dance class for white boys?? Do they teach the same dances to ever guy that comes in? My husband has a dance that he does and as far as I know there is only one other human alive that has seen it in person, besides myself. It is such a speratic occurance though that I have never been able to catch it on film (I know my camera doesn't take film, but sounded better than SD card). Then a few weeks ago I saw the most AMAZING commercial and for a moment thought that Jimmy had been transported into the television!! This is EXACTLY how he looks when he dances!! So watch and have a good laugh and think of Jimmy when you see it on T.V. !! :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today was a great Saturday! My Mom asked us this morning if we were interested in having a picnic with the kids and of course we said yes! We got all dressed and ready and did a few errands, then packed lunches and the cars and headed out to the Valley of Fire. It was the perfect temperature for a picnic and no wind, all we had to do was find a spot that wasn't filled with people. We headed to the site called "7 sisters" and saw that there wasn't anyone around so we pulled the cars in and got all the food out. We started to enjoy the quiet and the kids were beginning to explore when a huge party bus pulls in followed by 3 small cars and a limo, and we all look at each other like "What the heck is going on?" Next thing we know people in suits and dresses pile out of the bus and then my eyes blinked two or three times just to focus on what came out of the limo next, a girl in a big white dress!! It was an entire wedding party and all their guests!! I was thinking they were lost, and then I thought well, maybe they are taking some picture out here or something and then a guys busts out a boom box and two others are looking for the perfect spot to hold the ceremony!! We all sat there laughing hysterically, of course the day we decide to have a picnic we end up being in the middle of a wedding! As the smell of the latrines moved through the air, I thought, "yes, of course, the perfect setting for a romantic wedding!" Now of course I had my camera with me and I was all about getting some shots of this, I mean really when will I get this opportunity again?

We really had a great time though and then we headed back into town. We got home and got the kids ready for bed and then Jimmy and I were able to slip out for some "U Swirl" our new favorite place and a little walk through Target. I love days spent with my family, the kids love being with my parents and being outside!! For me I kept thinking "This could be the last time for a long time that we will be out at Valley of Fire with my parents so we have to enjoy this, and thanks to "Tony & Tina's Wedding" it was a day we will never forget!!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Flashes Back!! Sisters

The 2009 Woman's Conference is fast approaching and I am getting really excited. It is a tradition in our family, as I am sure it is in many others, for all the women to meet together for the 3 day celebration and education of women. It truly is amazing to be in a room filled with tens of thousands of Women who believe in the same things. The tradition started with my Mom and her sisters years ago and eventually spread to their kids and now their kids. Every year we try to stay in the same hotel and we all gather in one room in the evenings in our pajamas to talk and be with each other. This year will be the first year of Woman's Conference since my Aunt Annetta passed away, it will be strange to see just my mom and her sister Marylin, every year they try to wear matching outfits so everyone will know they are sisters. The relationship they have shared is such an inspiration to me and all of the generations that have watched the mutual respect and love they have for each other. Here are some pictures from Woman's Conference past.

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Fire Station
Last Friday we were invited by some women in our ward to do a tour of the Fire Station. I had done one before with Scouts but Grace had never been and I knew she would love it!! It really was tons of fun, the guys let all the kids take turns in the fire engine and spraying the hose. Grace loved watching them put on their gear and then getting to try some on herself!! After the Fire Station we headed to the Lied Animal Shelter to see the cats and dogs, Grace decided that she didn't want any of the ones they had because they made too much noise, I was in agreement with her decision!!

Oh Grace!
Yesterday I came upstairs to check on Grace since I had not heard noise from her in about 10 min and when I walked into my room I see Grace standing by the bed holding something in her hands. Upon closer inspection I realize she is holding a sock filled with lotion and liquid soap, at first I am thinking "Ok, ok could have been worse". I begin to clean it up when Grace walks from the room and I ask "Where are you going?" her reply "To the naughty spot." How do you not chuckle a bit at the fact that I didn't even have to say a word and she knew right where to go!!

Oh and the end of that story is that it was worse, much worse, she had squirted the brand new tube of my favorite lotion ALL over the room, the walls, the floors, the ceiling, the doors, the t.v., the bed, the dresser!! She is now under constant supervision, we are all on shifts to try and keep her contained!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

All In The Details!!

So here is the low down on Jimmy's new job! He will be working at Buckley Air Force Base in the Engineering department, so he will be doing the same thing there as he was here. Where is Buckley, you ask, Aurora, Colorado! We are still waiting on his contract letter that will tell him his start date but our plan for now is that he will head out there first and then the kids and I will follow once school is out. The reality of it all hasn't really set in because I refuse to think about it. I am just living in the land of excitement that Jimmy is employed and that things are all working out. When we told the girls last night these were the reactions

Grace- "Yay, now we can get our house back!" followed by a booty dance!

Lexi- "That's awesome, oh I am so excited!!" followed a moment later with tears realizing she will be moving away.

James- he was just clapping his hands not really sure why everyone was so excited.

It truly is an answer to our prayers and honestly we have both known for a little while that Colorado is where we are supposed to be for now. With it being a government job there will be lots of opportunity for possible travel and that is exciting to me, it will also have some great benefits in the way of insurance and retirement. I am working hard at focusing on all the positives so that I don't end up a blubbering mess thinking about leaving all I have ever known since I was 6!!

For those following "Marylin's Secret" there is more to the story there!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009



We are beyond EXCITED to spread the good news that Jimmy has found a job!!!!!!!! It is a GREAT JOB, with excellent opportunities!!!! More Details to come but we are headed out to celebrate!!!! Thanks to all of you who have kept us in your prayers!!! Love to you all!!!!!

Give Away!!

Well it's not me but I had to spread the word about a great blog called Say It On A Sign that is doing a give away!! They are home made signs and they are super cute!! Go here and enter!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aren't I Too Old For This!

Last week I woke up with one of my least favorite problems, a ZIT! Not just a little bump but a large, underground, red blemish, BLAH! I'm 30, haven't I paid my dues in that department? Not to mention that I have a reputation to uphold as a licensed Esthetician (skin care specialist)!! Lucky for me I didn't have anywhere important to be that day so I got in the shower and began my morning routine. I was on my way to apply some cover-up to my face when my mother stops me to chat when mid-sentence she says "What's that?!!", I figured she would know but just in case her memory failed her I gave the informative answer "A Zit!" her follow up was "You don't get Zits, Emily must be on her period!". It is a common joke in our house that if any of us older women in the house have skin problems, mood problems or stomach cramps it's Emily's fault!! We figure her hormones are being passed our way just so she doesn't feel alone!! Zits are the worst though!! Fortunately for me I have some remedies that help to clear the occasional blemish within a day or two, and make-up to help hide them a bit. The down side is that I feel like anyone that might see me will hone in on the nasty little bugger and stare at it all the while thinking "Man, that girl should see a Dermatologist!". I mean as a women I think that by the time we Graduate high school it should mean the end of zits!! We should get a pass for the rest of our days, that's not too much to ask I don't think!! I will speak for myself when I say that I did the braces, the glasses, the bad 80's clothes & hair, the bad 90's clothes & hair, the bad skin, the years of sitting in math class with cramps, don't I deserve a break!!?!?! C'mon now!! Curse you oh giant of all that is ugly and embarrassing!! Go thee hence and leave no scars!! :)

Thanks A Million

I would love to thank all of you that gave your "Two Cents" in my private vs. public blog dilemma!! With some great suggestions I think I have come up with the solution, I have decided to create a private blog that will just be for me, it won't have family stuff on it and it will be my thoughts that aren't really for the general public. I will send invites to my private blog though so if you are interested in my crazy mind and the spewing that it might produce then by all means let me know and I will invite you!! I will warn though that I can not promise it will be on it's best behavior and that it might be lots of rambling.

Really though, thank you again for your help!! I will be leaving this blog open!! Love to you all!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Little Boy

Grace took the two above pictures! Pretty good for a 4 year old I say!!

I had some posts that I had been planning on posting tonight but this little boy needed some attention!! OK so I wanted to give the attention. Tonight as we were preparing dinner and Jimmy was planning the FHE (Family Home Evening) lesson a loud crash followed by a cry came from the front room, I instantly ran to find Jimmy with James scooped in his arms and as he turned to look at me his eye was blue and swollen like a ping pong! My Dad and Jimmy ministered a priesthood blessing and then Jimmy and I loaded him up in the car and made a trip down to the quick care. We checked in and waited to be seen and as I looked down at James, who was sitting on the floor at this point, I noticed that his eye was less swollen and he seemed to be acting just fine. In fact he was so fine that he took the wash cloth that we had been holding to his eye and was using it to clean the tile floor, YUCK! Then he was laying flat on his stomach pretending to swim or something, Jimmy and I turned to each other and knew he was fine, so we gathered our things and headed home. I should have gotten a picture of what it looked like right after, but who is thinking about pictures when their child is possibly severely hurt, so this is about 90 minutes after he hit the edge of a coffee table when the swelling had gone down and he was laughing over and over at me balancing a lens cap on my head! I love his smile and his laugh!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Penny For Your Thoughts!!

K so I am interested in your thoughts on the subject of private vs. not private. I had totally made up my mind about going private and was all set to do it but then the last day or so I have been thinking about the pros and cons of closing the blog, these are the main ones that make me wonder if I should.

  • Going Private makes is not as fun to do Give Aways
  • People won't be able to tell when I have updated
  • It makes it harder for friends to find my blog
  • Crazy Blog stalkers won't be able to stalk me
  • I can be more free in the pictures and posts I put up
  • I can choose who gets to view my blog
Those are just of the few that I have thought of. I have changed some of the settings on my blog already and that has helped with some of the nonsense but I just need to make my mind up cause I have all these things stored in my head that I want to post. Give me your thoughts c'mon please!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


One for the road!! I love music!! It speaks to my soul and I spend most days listening to it, the car, the bath, getting ready to go, cleaning, blogging, whatever I might be doing the music is found playing. Well about a year ago I came across this amazing artist named Brook Fraser, some of you may know who she is. I found the video to my favorite song by her called Shadowfeet and had to share!! This will be my last post before going private. I am trying to wait a couple days until I feel like everyone has had a chance to send me their email address.

Her album is on itunes and the lyrics can be found here

Monday, March 16, 2009

So Blessed!

To have some amazing friends and family that love me and know me! I am grateful for friends who lack drama and have kind hearts! I feel bad for people out there who are not so fortunate. I feel bad for women who don't have enough to fill their cups and they have too much time to spend being negative and cruel! I love being able to write how I feel but due to some unfortunate events I am going to be making my blog private. If you wish to be sent an invite let me know. Love to you all!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Scripture. Feeling Better!!

So after my little rant I am feeling much better!! Sometimes you just gotta get it out and then you can move on knowing you said your piece. Today was a lovely Sunday I was able to actually sit through one entire class and listen to the lesson, Jimmy kindly took James during Relief Society. After church we came home and my Mom made an excellent lunch, there is just something about the way food tastes after church, like it's your first food in days or something! We ate and then I took the girls down to the Temple for some pictures and just to enjoy the spring air! I love being this close to the Temple, and I know that we won't always be, sorry Mom we will eventually have to move out but don't cry. I have been thinking lots about the Temple lately and how much it means to me and our family, we were sealed in the Las Vegas Temple 4 years ago and knowing that no matter what we will be a family forever is such a comfort in my life. If you have seen my blog lately you will have noticed that I have posted several youtube videos and tonight I was looking for one to post again and this was the video posted on LDS. org and knew it was meant to be.

Here are some of the pictures I got today of the girls and the Temple

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday!!

So I love this picture because I can't believe I was ever that little and cute! I am being helped onto a swing in Alaska when I was not even 2 by my cousin Hilary. My Mom and another cousin's wife are talking in the background. My Mom is the youngest in her family so all my cousins are older than me and some much older than me but I don't hold it against them!! :)

This was the same day but with my uncles and one of my cousins.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

She's on a Roll!! And a little Update!

I have often said that Grace is my funny child and she continues to make me laugh everyday! I know that all little kids say funny things but Grace has this timing with the things she says that just tells me she has that "funny bone". Last night we went to a baptism (more on that later) and after the actual baptism Grace came and sat on my lap and whispered into my ear

Grace- "Mom, why did he throw her in the water?"
Me- " That's how you get baptized."
Grace- "Well that's kinda, funny."

I just chuckled a bit cause to a little kid it probably looks like she was being thrown in the water!!

Then this morning I was helping her get dressed and she says

Grace-"Why did the chicken cross the road?"

Me- "Why?"

Grace- "Cause he wanted to get hurt."

I seriously almost wet myself because I was not expecting that answer!

There are lots of things that she does to make me laugh and then somethings she does aren't really to make people laugh but they do anyway. Like since she discovered that her backpack is great for holding lots of stuff she gathers as many things as she can and takes them along to school with her. The sight of her walking down the stairs with this very heavy backpack is almost too much, she refuses to leave anything home cause it's her "collection". She collects things like rocks, plastic bottle caps, picture frames, candles, beads, small toys, empty water bottles, leaves, and she can remember each and every thing that is in her "collection" so don't dare take any of them.

- She continues to thrive in school, she has maintained her straight A's which makes me proud because I really don't have to push her at all, Lexi just loves to learn. She still struggles with the "Mean" girls but she keeps trying to make other friends and yesterday she came home all excited "Mom, I made a new friend and she likes Hannah Montana too!", as of late there is the revolt with most girls she knows against Miss Hannah, they think she is "not cool". Lexi has such a big heart and she tries so hard to do what is right and be kind, she is silly and can barely hold still when she is nervous or excited about something. Lexi turned in a project this last week that she had been working on for a MONTH, and for a 4th grader that is like a year!! The subject was Shirley Chisholm, the final part of the project was a display board and I helped a little (wink wink) with that, she did the rest though and she got an 'A' so it was worth all the time spent!!

- He is walking everywhere and getting busier by the day! His smile just melts my heart and I basically give into anything he wants when he gives that toothy, ear to ear grin!! I love that boy! James is finally big enough for a different car seat and he faces forward, which he loves! It makes it easier for him to dance to the music, he loves to bop his head and shake is rump when any music is playing. The other day we were loading the car from the grocery store and a car with "ethnic" non-English music was playing and I look over to see James getting his groove on!! He loves cars and will make the sound of a car when we are driving, it is soo cute to hear this little "broom broom" from the back seat! I love boys!! He is very friendly but sometimes he is very serious!

- Is being the most amazing husband, he attends the Temple weekly and sometimes more than once a week!! He is making me look bad!! :) He started running about 6 months ago and is losing some weight which is very exciting for him. He has been helping with the kids a ton, the laundry, cleaning, giving the kids baths, yard work. I know it seems as though I am bragging but I don't ever want to be unappreciative of all that he does and has been doing while out of work. Jimmy builds me up with the things he says and he encourages me in my endeavours. I feel blessed to have a husband who tries so hard to do all he can for his family!!

- Well I have been super busy lately with PTA but now that the basket auction is out of the way it has slowed for a minute. I am doing well with Weight Watchers and that makes me happy! I love getting into clothing that I haven't worn since before being pregnant! Sewing is still one of my favorite past times. I recently made Lexi's Principal pajama pants for "pajama day", a really cute skirt for Grace, a quilt for my sister Alyssa's birthday, a few more aprons and I have some other projects in the works!! I have dabbled a little with my camera but not nearly enough. I have also been doing what I can in the way of serving at church, Jimmy and I both spoke in sacrament a few weeks back and then I have spoken at a baptism and also sang for the Relief Society Birthday in our ward.

***There is also some other news that we are holding off on telling just yet because not all the ducks are in a row but we should be announcing it soon. Oh and no I am not pregnant but there could be a big change ahead!