Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday!!

So I love this picture because I can't believe I was ever that little and cute! I am being helped onto a swing in Alaska when I was not even 2 by my cousin Hilary. My Mom and another cousin's wife are talking in the background. My Mom is the youngest in her family so all my cousins are older than me and some much older than me but I don't hold it against them!! :)

This was the same day but with my uncles and one of my cousins.


Jessi McCall said...

what a great picture. You were too cute!! I can't wait to hear your exciting news!!

Liz - Jess said...

Where do you get all these old photos? I'd love to start doing this because your flash back fridays are always fun but my photos would probably end after 5 weeks. Nice job to your parents for being so on top of the picture taking. :-)

Heather B said...

You were sooo adorable (still are of course.) Those are fun pics. Fun to see Hilary as a girl too.