Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aren't I Too Old For This!

Last week I woke up with one of my least favorite problems, a ZIT! Not just a little bump but a large, underground, red blemish, BLAH! I'm 30, haven't I paid my dues in that department? Not to mention that I have a reputation to uphold as a licensed Esthetician (skin care specialist)!! Lucky for me I didn't have anywhere important to be that day so I got in the shower and began my morning routine. I was on my way to apply some cover-up to my face when my mother stops me to chat when mid-sentence she says "What's that?!!", I figured she would know but just in case her memory failed her I gave the informative answer "A Zit!" her follow up was "You don't get Zits, Emily must be on her period!". It is a common joke in our house that if any of us older women in the house have skin problems, mood problems or stomach cramps it's Emily's fault!! We figure her hormones are being passed our way just so she doesn't feel alone!! Zits are the worst though!! Fortunately for me I have some remedies that help to clear the occasional blemish within a day or two, and make-up to help hide them a bit. The down side is that I feel like anyone that might see me will hone in on the nasty little bugger and stare at it all the while thinking "Man, that girl should see a Dermatologist!". I mean as a women I think that by the time we Graduate high school it should mean the end of zits!! We should get a pass for the rest of our days, that's not too much to ask I don't think!! I will speak for myself when I say that I did the braces, the glasses, the bad 80's clothes & hair, the bad 90's clothes & hair, the bad skin, the years of sitting in math class with cramps, don't I deserve a break!!?!?! C'mon now!! Curse you oh giant of all that is ugly and embarrassing!! Go thee hence and leave no scars!! :)


Millisa said...

lol! sorry girl, but this was just the laugh i needed to start my morning :) zits do stink...i NEVER get them and last week i had one on my chin like you are describing! we so deserve a pass!

Liz - Jess said...

I might feel bad for your ONE little zit.... but I have too many of my own to deal with!! LOL!! I couldn't agree with your more! We have paid our dues, so why are we still having to deal with this nonsense! It's time to pass the torch. :-)