Friday, March 27, 2009

Flashes Back!! Sisters

The 2009 Woman's Conference is fast approaching and I am getting really excited. It is a tradition in our family, as I am sure it is in many others, for all the women to meet together for the 3 day celebration and education of women. It truly is amazing to be in a room filled with tens of thousands of Women who believe in the same things. The tradition started with my Mom and her sisters years ago and eventually spread to their kids and now their kids. Every year we try to stay in the same hotel and we all gather in one room in the evenings in our pajamas to talk and be with each other. This year will be the first year of Woman's Conference since my Aunt Annetta passed away, it will be strange to see just my mom and her sister Marylin, every year they try to wear matching outfits so everyone will know they are sisters. The relationship they have shared is such an inspiration to me and all of the generations that have watched the mutual respect and love they have for each other. Here are some pictures from Woman's Conference past.

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Fire Station
Last Friday we were invited by some women in our ward to do a tour of the Fire Station. I had done one before with Scouts but Grace had never been and I knew she would love it!! It really was tons of fun, the guys let all the kids take turns in the fire engine and spraying the hose. Grace loved watching them put on their gear and then getting to try some on herself!! After the Fire Station we headed to the Lied Animal Shelter to see the cats and dogs, Grace decided that she didn't want any of the ones they had because they made too much noise, I was in agreement with her decision!!

Oh Grace!
Yesterday I came upstairs to check on Grace since I had not heard noise from her in about 10 min and when I walked into my room I see Grace standing by the bed holding something in her hands. Upon closer inspection I realize she is holding a sock filled with lotion and liquid soap, at first I am thinking "Ok, ok could have been worse". I begin to clean it up when Grace walks from the room and I ask "Where are you going?" her reply "To the naughty spot." How do you not chuckle a bit at the fact that I didn't even have to say a word and she knew right where to go!!

Oh and the end of that story is that it was worse, much worse, she had squirted the brand new tube of my favorite lotion ALL over the room, the walls, the floors, the ceiling, the doors, the t.v., the bed, the dresser!! She is now under constant supervision, we are all on shifts to try and keep her contained!!


Liz - Jess said...

Boy does she look like she's up to no good in that picture! She is definitely a stinker made for my Maddox.

What a fun day, the fire station! My boys would love that. I would too.

Jessi McCall said...

Loved the pics! I think it's cute that the ladies dress alike!! :)