Tuesday, March 17, 2009


One for the road!! I love music!! It speaks to my soul and I spend most days listening to it, the car, the bath, getting ready to go, cleaning, blogging, whatever I might be doing the music is found playing. Well about a year ago I came across this amazing artist named Brook Fraser, some of you may know who she is. I found the video to my favorite song by her called Shadowfeet and had to share!! This will be my last post before going private. I am trying to wait a couple days until I feel like everyone has had a chance to send me their email address.

Her album is on itunes and the lyrics can be found here


Mike and Alleen said...

Hey you better add me to your list. alleen_nelson@hotmail.com We need to get together sometime!

Jen Rose said...

Hey girl...we all need to sew soon! But, add me.


Sarah said...


Leslie Holden said...

Hi there,
I love reading your blog, if possible I'd like to be added to your list. My email is sparkleray@aol.com

I feel like you should be able to say what you want to say as it's your blog and you shouldn't have to censor yourself but I understand your reasons for going private.
Thanks, Leslie

John and Marissa said...

You know how to pick 'em! Great song!
PS-use my jmhorseshoer@cox.net ;)