Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Scripture! Just and True Friends

Today our lesson in R.S (Relief Society) was entitled

"How Glorious Are Faithful, Just, and True Friends"

From the teachings of Joseph Smith

True friends ease one another’s sorrows and remain faithful even in times of adversity.

Joseph Smith wrote the following about the family members and friends who visited him on August 11, 1842, while he was in hiding: “How good and glorious it has seemed unto me, to find pure and holy friends, who are faithful, just, and true, and whose hearts fail not; and whose knees are confirmed and do not falter, while they wait upon the Lord, in administering to my necessities, in the day when the wrath of mine enemies was poured out upon me. …

I bawled through most of the lesson as I had already been feeling the effects of Home sickness today and so when the discussion was about friends who have stood by you through even your darkest hour my mind was flooded with the friends who have helped me in my darkest hours.
I will never forget the friend that came to visit me when I was pregnant with Alexis and just 19 years old, she just came to visit with me and to be my friend. No judgment in her eyes or disappointed tone in her voice, she just sat and talked with me as a friend.
Or the friend, who after my second miscarriage came when I called and just sat on the bed and wept with me, brought lunch for my other children and my favorite ice cream. Her compassion was exactly what I needed in that moment.
And the time that a friend who brought my family dinner for no reason other than she could tell by an earlier conversation that I was not at my best. Her love and service taught me so much.
I really could go on and on about the times in my life where my friends have stood beside me and at times pulled me up from the deepest depths of pain and just held me until I was stronger. I pray that each of you know how much your friendship means to me, and know that I would go to the ends of the universe to help each and every one of you in your time of need. Your support and love have taught me and strengthened me many times and there truly are no words to thank you enough!

Love to you


Liz - Jess said...

What a wonderful post! And I love the cute friend collage. You are such a grateful person and I love that about you. You always acknowledge the good things in your life and you are always an optimist. Such a sweet post.

Steph said...

I had to teach that was just what I needed :)