Monday, September 14, 2009

And We Have Lift Off!!


If you are offended or nauseated by the discussion of breastfeeding, boobs or children then I suggest you stop reading now!!

OK. Now is a good time to stop!!

OK well if you are still reading then don't say I didn't warn you!!

I am a breastfeeding MAMA!! With all three of my kids I have been blessed with gallons and gallons of milk, somewhat like a cow only I am not black and white and I only Moo occasionally. That's besides the point, I have often said that I produce enough to feed a small nation and so I have nursed to my hearts content.

I have had different experiences with all my kids. Lexi and I both figured out the process rather quickly and it was a good thing because she WOULD NOT take bottles or pacifiers at all!! She might have starved had I not produced enough milk because anything but me was OUT OF THE QUESTION! I remember on a few occasions trying to get her to take formula because we were somewhere that I couldn't nurse and she screamed for like an hour before giving in and drinking a few ounces!! Since I was divorced when she was just 10 days old and I was only 20 I didn't have anyone else around me telling me how and when to ween her so I just nursed her until I no longer wanted to and until she was old enough to drink from a cup! She was about 15 months old.

Grace was my child that got the shaft when it came to nursing (You know now that I think about it maybe that's where her issues all started!!). When she was just under 9 months old my appendix burst and I ended up in the hospital for a week and she was not allowed to see me so that ended it right there! I remember being so sad because I hadn't been able to make the choice of when I was ready to stop. When I got home from the hospital she wouldn't even come to me for at least a week and at night she would have NOTHING to do with me for months after!! That was tough! Side note: I highly recommend having your appendix removed for precautionary purposes!!

James, oh James, my boob man! I know that someday I will have to apologize to his wife!!
James LOVED, LOVED, LOVED to nurse! While he was in the NICU I would go in every two hours to feed him once they removed the tubes and he was ALWAYS happy to have a little snack! Once we got home his love grew, he would just snuggle into me and get so happy at every meal! He was different than Lexi in that he would take or leave bottles, but he also was not interested in pacifiers! I tried weening him about 5 months ago when I went out of town for Women's Conf but the minute he saw me he laid down in my lap and began to grunt! It was also the weekend that Jimmy left for Colorado so I think we both needed the comforting! Anyway, ever since I have been very slowly trying to slow the tap, and finally last week I decided that I was gonna be strong and just do it!! I mean I will be honest and say that many aspects were nice for me too, I mean being able to go sit in the Mother's room at church when your are too ADD to pay attention in sacrament meeting can be nice!! It is also a nice feeling when your child wants you, and who can resist the cuddle of a sweet boy like James!! By this point though he was pretty much down to having a little at night and in the mornings, but man the first few nights were rough, as I would have to tell him "no more." as he laid in my lap looking at me like "c'mon lady don't be holding out on me!" But we made it and now he can go on to other things like school and his mission without needing breast milk to go to sleep!!
Isn't that the true definition of successful parenting??!!

Now for those thinking holy cow he is 19 months, yes, I am aware, but guess what? I wasn't asking you to nurse him, was I!?!?! So don't worry bout it! And at least I wasn't featured on the special about Extreme Parenting with women who nurse their 8 year olds. Oh and you can find the clips of it still on youtube if you think I am messing with you!!

Love to you


Beverly B. said...

Hooray for you both! 19 months is great.

Heather B said...

That is awesome. I have no idea how long I'll nurse my babies, since Kalia got shafted at 8 months (milk dried up cause I was pregnant again) and Annaliese only 2 months...but I hope I'll nurse for a long time too.

The Larsen Family said...

With my kids I went longer with each one. First 6 months, 9 months, and then with the twins I knew I didn't want to spend money on formula $$$ so I went 14 months. I considered it a job and a way to save my family lots of money. I feel breastfeeding twins for that long is one of my greatest accomplishments! :) I think 19 months is awesome. Way to go!

Jill said...

I've done longer and shorter and I think 19 months is just about perfect if they're ready to move on. Good for you mama!

Liz - Jess said...

I don't know how you are able to give up your body for so long! I am so selfish. My kids are lucky if they make it past six months. I feel so bad for little Gracie though. :(

John and Marissa said...

That's it...I'm boycotting. The boob talk is just too much for me. Nice knowing you.

PS- This kind of honesty is why we are your blog zombies!! Love ya! (I was just kidding!)

Glenna said...

I'm just jealous I couldn't make breastfeeding work for me!!! Trust me, it wasn't for lack of TRYING!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it's great that you were so successful. And the 8 year old thing. That's just wrong. Wow.

Kari Clark said...

You are hilarious! I love that you blogged this occasion!

millisa said...

love it!! i nursed nolan till 15 months...i love nursing and think it is the best, best thing for baby and mama. your honesty is refreshing! :)