Friday, September 4, 2009

Flashback Friday! "Labor Day"

As I pondered about today's post I thought back to when James was born and what a unique experience my Labor and delivery was. Right after James was born I was so overwhelmed with a new baby in the house that I never got around to documenting the event and before I get too old and lose my memory and since it is "Labor" Day weekend I thought what the heck!!

James was born on January 24, 2008 at 4:21 AM after a very happy delivery! Since I had been 3 WEEKS overdue with Grace and still induced, I had discussed with my doctor very early on that I wouldn't be repeating that, so he agreed to induce me on my due date with James. I actually went in for my Doctors appointment on the 23rd so they could do one last check and to schedule the induction for the next day, well when Dr. Wells called the hospital they said to come in that night since they had several on the books already for the next day. I got very excited and called Jimmy telling him tonight was the night, it had seemed like it would never come and then all of a sudden, BAM, it was time!!

Headed for the Hospital

After dropping the kids off at my wonderful friend Lindsay's house for the night, Jimmy and I headed to the hospital. They checked us in around 11:30pm and got us all comfy in our room, we filled out our paper work, met our nurse and then the fun began!! They started me with pitocin around midnight, once I hit 4 or 5 cenemeters, I decided to take the offer of an epidural. I knew (from previous experience) that I would go fairly quick once that was administered so I had advised the nurses to be ready! Of course, as I am stupid and no one listens to me they had all disappeared except one, when 45 min later Jimmy went running through the hallways looking for someone, since I was now wanting to push!! Well, I lied, really I HAD to push, there was no choice, he was coming weather someone was there to catch or not!! The lone nurse came into the room saying that they had just checked me and I was only a 5, I told her to check again, which, hearing the threatening tone in my voice she did and the look on her face was priceless, as she says "Oh gosh, well I guess I will do this if I have to!" She began preparing the table as fast as she could and also calling Dr. Wells at the same time telling him to hurry up!!
The Lone Nurse

My regular nurse entered the room a few minutes later and was telling me to "just hang on for 10 or 15 minutes" I looked at her like she had just spoken in tongues, all while thinking "Yeah sure lady, I'll just cross my legs and hold him in, no problem!" I will say that at this point I began to panic a bit wondering if my doctor was going to make it in time, and then somehow he did! The moment he walked in the mood changed and suddenly I was on stage at the Comedy Shop, making jokes and laughing as if I wasn't just about to have a baby! Emily, my younger sister, and my Mom were also in the room as photographer and cheerleader, respectively!

In between pushes

The BEST Doctor on the Planet, Dr. Wells!!

The moment they were ready I was pushing and just a few minutes later, at 4:21AM, the 8 lbs. 1 .oz miracle whom we had been waiting on for at least 2 1/2 years had finally arrived! When they placed him in my arms I just wanted to stay there, freeze time, and savor his sweet face. His eyes connected with mine and I knew in that moment that we had met before, he was my little James, there was no doubt.

Later that morning as we were enjoying our new addition Jimmy was holding him and I was on the phone with a friend, when I looked at James and realized his face was going blue and he was not getting air. Jimmy handed him to me to see if I could help, I pushed the "Help" button, but when there was no response, Jimmy was again running down the hallway, but this time with James in his hands. This occurred twice more before they admitted him to the NICU for observation and tests, as a Mom I was terrified, wondering what was wrong with my baby.

As they stabilized him and he was resting peacefully they allowed us to come in to see him, my heart broke when I saw his little body all hooked up to machines with tubes in his nose. I stood next to him putting my pointer finger in his hand, he gripped it and then the tears just came, nothing else seemed to matter in that moment. My Dad arrived a little later to assist Jimmy in giving James a Priesthood blessing, they gave us special permission so that all three of us could be there with him. It was a special moment, seeing the two men I respect the most in my life laying their hands on my little boy's head to bless him was strengthening to my spirit.

While in the NICU, James, would undergo multiple tests, x-rays, and visits from specialists. They determined that he had just swallowed so much fluid during birth that his little body just couldn't eliminate it on it's own. I was so grateful that there wasn't anything more seriously wrong and after 3 days they allowed us to go home together!

The first few days home I was a nervous wreck at night, they had suggested in the hospital that we keep him nearby while he slept so we could closely monitor him. For me this meant very little sleep because I would wake up with any little noise he might make to check on him.

Even though the days following his birth were difficult, I still look back on the actual event as one of my favorites and feel blessed to have had such a terrific experience. Perhaps it was in part because it had been a difficult road to become pregnant with James in the first place, but all I know is that I will never forget how I felt in that room, as if all my angels were escorting him here to make sure he would be OK.

Just home from the Hospital


Ronda Marshall said...

What a neat experience. I love that you flash back. He is a cutie pie and I'm glad he was o.k.

Janelle Ehat said...

Marilyn, you are SO BEAUTIFUL! I posted the ONE good picture of me after my baby was born but you look absolutely stunning in all of these pictures! I'm glad you finally have his birth story documented too! That will be such a treasure for him when he's older. We like to read or retell each of the kids birth stories every year on their birthday.

As for all of your "mixed emotions" - hang in there. I think we all go through defining times. Mine came after I was released as Young Women's President and I felt like I had to completely rediscover who I was. It's hard, but I think the thing that helped me most is to remember that I'm a daughter of God first and foremost. He loves me and I have some of his same qualities and traits and have the ability to become just like him. That always gives me so much comfort and confidence. Remember that all of your talents are gifts from Him and he will help you to develop them if you ask. You don't have to market yourself as a professional photographer to still bless people with your talent. Just don't "bury it" like I've been doing. You may not ever be as good as someone else but you aren't them, you are unique and wonderful in your own way. You can NEVER be like anyone else. You can only be you. So be the best you that you can and don't worry about what anyone else is doing.

John and Marissa said...

Awwww....Jamesy. He just wanted to lead the way for his girlfriend. I remember how scarey it was for a couple days there! Love that little bug!

Heather B said...

That post made me cry, thanks a lot! Now I'm freakin baby hungry too! That's a great story, I'm glad you documented it. I did NOT know Grace was 3 weeks overdue! Holy cow! I wish I was as photogenic as you.

Marylin said...

How much do I owe you girls for saying such sweet things!??? I was just thinking how I forgot to ask forgiveness on all my chins!! :) You are the best!!

Steph said...

Only you can look gorgeous after just delivering a baby :) I had never heard that story...scary stuff!

Chad & Emylee said...

how beautiful are u after just giving birth! what! can i be you! u r just gorgeous! so proud! so do u live in denver? or near by? i'm thinking i want to take chad to the cowboys/ broncos game there instead of in dallas! it's so dang expensive there (in dallas)! and this way i could see u! i haven't even checked when the cowboys play up there or if would evan work out with our crazed scheds but i was just making sure my girl was living near by! :) luv ya!

Elizabeth J. said...

Probably one of the most beautiful mommies I have ever seen.