Friday, September 18, 2009

Flashback Friday!!! and Happy Birthday Dave!!

This weeks picture is of me when I was 5 or 6. The thing that I love about this picture is that I am holding a doll that has quite the significance. For my birthday that year (5 or 6) my Uncle Steve Novakovich ( I have two uncle Steve's), at the time I called him "Uncle Moneybags". For my birthday he laid out several piles of money, a stack of $1's, stack of $5's, stack of $10's and so on until there was at the end a $100 Dollar bill!! He then told me I could choose any ONE of the piles I wanted, being quite versed on my currency I went straight for the $100 Dollar bill, he tried to persuade me to choose one of the others but I was not changing my mind!! He then took my sisters and I to the toy store and let us choose anything we wanted, well my sister Alyssa chose a doll that could roller skate, my sister Janna and I were both eying the same doll, one that could eat and poo and you had to change her diaper! Janna decided that was the doll she wanted and I don't remember all the details but somehow my uncle and sisters convinced me that I wanted the black doll that ate and pooed and Janna got the white one. Tricky sisters!! I did love that doll though, and the fact that she ate and pooed!! Janna stop laughing!!!

Speaking of Janna the event of note today is that it's her husband Dave's Birthday!! I love Dave because he is so good to my sister and my nephew Ethan! You see us Holler girls could be placed in the category of "Mid-High Maintenance" and I would say that all of us older 3 girls have found men that have handled it quite nicely!! Dave is such a great man, he is a talented concert pianist and composer, he loves riding his bike for miles and miles and he has such an agreeable disposition!! He is probably one of the most stable people I have ever met, very calm and hard to rattle, well except that time he fainted when my niece busted her head open, but I don't blame him for that!! Dave is the eternal optimist and I am grateful that my sister snagged herself such a hard working, honest and kind guy to be her eternal companion!! Happy Birthday Dave!!!

There aren't too many uncles that would let their nieces do this to them!!

Love to you,


Janna said...

Thanks Marylin!!! (This is Dave by the way) That was very nice of you to post. I have enjoyed my entrance into the Holler clan. You are right about Janna - she actually got me a black doll for my birthday today!!! Lucky us!

Heather B said...

I can totally see how James looks just like you when I see you as a kid.

Janelle Ehat said...

That's AWESOME! I bought one of those dolls (albeit a more modern version) that eats and poops and after the dolly's first "bowel movement" I promptly threw all of the "food" that it came with away and told the girls that they could never feed it again!!! Lol!! It was SO GROSS!!! Especially in the hands of a 2 year old who isn't as excited about putting the doll over the toilet to do it's business! YUCK! Glad you enjoyed yours!

*and SUPER cute picture by the way! You look a lot like Grace!

Glenna said...

I've NEVER heard of a doll that POOPS!!!!!!!! YUCK!

GHFamily said...

What a nice post, and you are right, DAVE is awesome!

Kari Clark said...

That story about the doll is HILARIOUS! That is totally something that my sisters would have talked me into, so that hey could have what they wanted. I love it!