Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday Scripture "Faith"

"All true faith must be based upon correct knowledge or it cannot produce the desired results. Faith in Jesus Christ is the first principle of the gospel and is more than belief, since true faith always moves its possessor to some kind of physical and mental action; it carries an assurance of the fulfillment of the things hoped for. A lack of faith leads one to despair, which comes because of iniquity."

That is one smart dictionary if I say so myself. The older I get the more I understand this statement and recognize it's truth. We might feel weak at times in our life but if we can remain faithful and if we keep moving in the right direction it will spare us from many difficulties, not all, but many. There have been trials, there will be trials, but when our Faith guides us we are able to carry on and make it through!! Love to you

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