Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pictures and Pictures and Very Little Words, Oh My!!

Life has prevented me from staying awake long enough at night to blog much, so here are some pictures of my sweet kids over the last few weeks!!

Lexi and her teacher Ms. Hite on Lexi's last day of school!!

The kids across the street have been so fun to have around and we will miss them tons!!
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We spent an afternoon at Lake Mead with G-ma & G-Pa and had such a GREAT time!!
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Tons of time in the pool when it is blazing hot outside!!
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Rachel B. said...

Yeah, love all the pics of your cute kids. I'm excited that I get to meet them soon! Any word on the housing yet? I just realized I never got back to you on facebook. Yes, I love my ward! I seriously love it. Tons of young couples. Plus, we're moving into a brand new beautiful building that's super close in 2 weeks! Oh, and I actually don't know too much about the school district since we're not quite there yet, but I have heard excellent things about Cherry Creek if you end up in the house down there.

Emily said...

That naked baby is one CUTE boy! Fun pictures :)

Liz - Jess said...

Sometimes it's nice just to browse pictures! :-) I have to say that the naked baby is my favorite! You just can't beat the baby bum!

Sara said...

So dang sweet. I can't believe James. He is getting so big! He almost looks like a whole different kid!

Heather B said...

The naked picture is hilarious! I see everyone else thinks the same. Your kids are so cute. I'm going to miss them too. I know you'll be busy packing but let's swim this week (if you need a break!) Just not Thursday, I'll be in court (EHHG!)

Glenna said...

Love the pictures! Lake Mead looks like it was fun. I remember doing that with my Dad... good memories.