Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"My Mamma Told Me........."

There are lots of things I do, as in quirks, habits, traditions, that have come from my Mom. After getting married they seemed much more obvious to me because my husband had also acquired some interesting ideas on such things as, loading the dishwasher, laundry, "picking up", appropriate cars to drive, ways to spend money. They tell you that marriage will be "work", that meshing two people together can be tough, but you have no idea until you do it!! Now just because I have done it more than once doesn't make me any better at it, but I would say that things with Jimmy and I have been pretty seamless, we have managed to find a good balance between our two ideas of how things "should" be done. OK let's be honest, Jimmy has done a great job of learning MY way of doing things! :) On my part I work very hard at not complaining when he helps with something even if it is done the "wrong" way, I just say "thanks for your help sweetheart" and then when he isn't looking I will adjust it if needs be!

Some of the things that I do are based upon what I had been told at one time, such as;

"Don't throw egg shells in the garbage disposal because it will dull the blades over time."

"Don't put good steak knives or pans in the dishwasher because it will wreck them."

"Don't wind the cord on the vacuum too tight or it will cause it to get worn out."

Others are from years of observing how my Mom or Dad did things, like;

  • How to make a bed "correctly"
  • Which cars are "best" to drive i.e. Honda, GMC, Acura, Buick, (Not Ford)
  • What sports teams are "bad" i.e. Yankees, Raiders BLAH!!
  • How to load the dishwasher "properly" so you can get more in it
  • How to fold and put towels away and also how to hang them in the bathroom so they look their "best".
  • Why it's important to keep a clean pantry, you know, because it looks better that way.
  • Sleeping late is wasteful and for "lazy people"
  • Video games are also a waste of time.
  • Wait to vacuum until the end of cleaning and you wipe the counters down last when working in the kitchen
  • The "best" version to fold socks is one inside the other
Now, I have some O.C.D issues that came about all on my own, like;

  • All labels must be facing forward in pantry, shower, linen closets, medicine cabinets,
  • Cd's are best organized alphabetically, and movies by genre
  • Cleaning really late at night (although my mother did this also)
  • Toilet paper should always pull from the top not the bottom
  • Clothes should be hung according to color and NEVER on wire hangers
I am sure there are other things that I do, I just can't think of them right now. What sorts of things do you do that are the "right" way? Am I alone in my issues, are there others out there that feel the need to do silly things? Did you learn from your Mom/Grandma/Aunt/Sister/Dad or just come up with them on your own?


Amber Perkins said...

I am right there with you. Certain things MUST be done certain ways. I am so bad, I will empty the dirty doshes fromthe dishwasher and reload it (so they are put in there properly) just to run it. I also "adjust" things Eric has done that I do differently, like folding my clothes!!

Kasey Eyre said...

I guess I'm the opposite because when Dave and I got married I was doing laundry and Dave let me know I was doing it all wrong! Dave worked at a clothing store as a teenager, so he taught me how to properly fold pants and that all of the shirts on the hangers had to be facing the same way. I must say his way of doing it was a lot better than how I had been doing it.

Heather B said...

Definitely agree with the toilet paper thing. Other things that my mom instilled in me are most of my Sunday behaviors.

Liz - Jess said...

LOL!!! This is definitely a favorite post! Your poor husband! Sorry, but those are A LOT of quirks. But in your defense, they all make sense! hahaha....

Heather & Greg said...

Two of mine are like you hanging my clothes up by colors and then I also have to vaccumm a certain way. oh another one of my quirks is none of my food can touch on my plate :)