Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Easter!! Ahead of the Curve

Let's not discuss that it is almost Memorial day or that we have passed Mother's Day cause I never posted about our Easter!! It will be quick but I got to before next Easter gets here! Because we have been broke as a joke for a long time, the excitement for me this year was that we were able to get the kids their Easter clothes, I love seeing them all dressed up on Easter Morning and then taking a family picture. This year Jimmy and I were also surprised with some fun new digs, my mom got me a new skirt and then Sat. night my parents brought home Jimmy the best surprise of all, a new suit!! Ladies and Gentlemen, my husband has been wanting a new suit for as long as I can remember, the last time he had one was for his mission!!! It was the best watching him try it on and admiring himself in the mirror, and saying "Honey, it looks pretty good huh?"

The only snag was that Saturday James began throwing up and so Sunday morning rolled around and I decided he was much too sick to go so I stayed home with James while Jimmy and the girls went to church in their new clothes! I was bummed because James wasn't able to wear his suit and I never got a picture of Jimmy in his, but the next time I see him I plan on having him model it for me.

Sunday afternoon we did a mini egg hunt (we normally do them Sat. but since James had been sick it never happened) and then the girls and my parents went to my parents friends house for Easter dinner (it was supposed to be here but again James being sick put a damper on things).

That evening I was able to attend our Stakes Easter Devotional, which was wonderful! There was a great speaker, old family friend Pam Ogiela, and some amazing musical numbers, it really lifted my spirits. They served cakes and cookies afterwards and I wanted to do my part in the consumption of them so that the sweet people that made them all wouldn't have to take sooo much home, it was my act of service for the day!

Despite James being sick it was a great Easter, simple but great, we were really able to focus on our family and our Saviour. I am so grateful for His sacrifice for me, to know that He thought of my name as he suffered in Gethsemane is humbling. I know that there is no monetary value on what He has done for me, I know that there is not any amount of money that I can pay Him back with, only through my actions and the way I live my life can I show the deep gratitude I feel.

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Jessi McCall said...

loved the girls Easter dresses. Sorry that sweet baby was so sick. He looks so sweet laying on your shoulder in the family shot. :(