Thursday, April 16, 2009

He's Leavin On A Jet Plane!!

OK well more like a Suzuki Forenza, but still he is leaving! Jimmy got the call yesterday and he starts his new job May 4th!!! They actually wanted him April 27th but he asked for an extra week so we could get everything in order here. While we are ecstatic for him to start working, it will be very tough to be apart! We have grown use to being together all the time and we are quite fond of one another and the separation will not be easy!! Hopefully the time will go quickly and the kids and I will be able to join him soon! If it all goes the way we think it will, the plan is for us to join him the end of June, beginning of July. I had still been in a bit of denial about the move but now that he is leaving it is feeling very real!!
This was the day after we were engaged! Who would have thought I could like him more than I did that day!! :)

This little man could have the toughest time when Daddy goes!!


R and R Stacy said...

Wow, first off congrats on the new job. What a blessing!
Secondly, it will go go by fast. And before you relaize it you all will be together again.
When my hubby has to be gone I try to keep myself VERY busy that way I don't think about it to much.
He always says...I'm only a phone call away and it tends to make me feel better.
It will all work out for you guys.
God Bless!

Ber said...

Take it from someone who knows what it's like to be separated from their hubby for long amounts of time thanks to the air force :)'ll be hard at first, especially cause you'll feel like a single mom of 3, but before you know it, the time will pass and you'll be together again cherishing each other even more than ever!

Chad & Emylee said...

oh! wow! off he goes! when does the rest of the fam go???? missing you already!

Heather B said...

Oh! You'd already put the info up and I didn't even know it. :) I'm glad you'll be here longer. See ya tomorrow.