Friday, April 3, 2009

Flash Back Friday!! All Grown Up!!

This past Monday was a big stepping stone in my baby sisters life!! She has decided to spread her wings a bit and move out into her own apartment! Emily and her close friend Michelle found a place and they were very excited to get all moved in, I don't think they knew how little fun it would be to drag it all up 3 flights of stairs!! Sooooo they used their "cute" to get them a slew of young strong guys to help with the heavy stuff! My favorite was that they organized it so the guys were in shifts in order to keep "certain" ones unaware of the other "certain" ones!! Oh to be young again!! I must admit that it has been strange not seeing her everyday and the kids miss their Aunt Em, especially Grace who has a bag packed all ready for a "cleep over" at Em's house!! It is weird to think she is old enough to move out, wasn't it yesterday that she was running around with her pacifier in her mouth!??


Kasey Eyre said...

Oh no! Now your mom is REALLY going to be sad when you leave. All of her babies gone. My little sister and I moved out of the house the same weekend and I think my parents were not sure what to do.

Heather B said...

Your sister is gorgeous. She takes after you.