Saturday, December 13, 2008

Romeo, Romeo!?

The other day I was having a discussion with a friend and we were talking about men, and I commented on how I think there are two types of men in the world. Now this is generally, I know that there are always exceptions to the rules but stay with me on this for a minute!

Type 1
The kind of guy that is great at doing "ROMANTIC" things.

Type 2
The kind of guy that seems to lack that "ROMANTIC" gene.

"Romantic" is in parenthesis's because romance is subjective and there are different levels and types of romantic gestures but for the purpose of this post I am talking about the Love letter writing, flower bringing, sensitive, creative in all things "Hollywood" romance type.

Now my husband brings romance by doing very helpful things like,laundry, and cleaning up after dinner or helping with the kids. He is so good at those things and I am very grateful for that. On the other hand the whole rose peddles in a warm bath or writing a love song is kind of out of his element. He does know that it is not one of his strong points though and he recently asked me how he can learn to know about that stuff. I told him the only answer I could think of "Google it."

So what type are you married to and what are some ideas that can get Jimmy's juices flowing in that department? He promised to read the suggestions and try some and then we will give you an update on how it goes!


Rob and Michelle said...

I'm married to the "OVER THE TOP ROMANTICIST" who wishes he were rich because then he could be romantic. Trips to Paris. Diamonds. Ginormous flowers bouquets. Brand new cars every other occasion. Fancy dinners. You name it and every over-the-top thing you can think of, Rob has said he wants to do for me.

BUT, because 'we be poor' he is a stick in the mud.

I'm kidding. He's pretty good about back rubs and running me candle-lit bubble baths when I've had a hectic day. But what I love most is when he listens and cares about what I care about, even when he doesn't care about it in the slightest bit. That's romantic to me! I'm a "practical romantic".

Now if I could just get him to show he loves me by cleaning the bathroom... ;P

Oh...but suggestions for Jimmy: When we needed a babysitter, I loved it when he would arrange that for our date night. It sounds weird but I just felt like he really wanted to take me out when he did that.

And my favorite date nights were putting the kids to bed early and staying up playing games or cards and eating snack food, especially because Rob always goes out of his way to go buy me my favorite snack food when we want to do that.

I also think it's totally romantic when Rob helps me cook. LOVE that!

Emily said...

When we got married someone gave us the book, 1001 Ways to be Romantic. It's cheesey, but I have to admit, every now and again we pull it out for an idea or two. It gives specifics, and I know that is helpful for my husband, so maybe check that out. Let me know what you find out though...I might want to use some of your suggestions! ;)

Liz - Jess said...

No ideas here. Jess is just like Jimmy!

The Bush Family said...

Ok so you already know what mark is like, since it was me that you were having this discussion, I have tons of ideas how men can be more romantic, they should first of all, LISTEN to their women, we usually tell them exactly what we want, like a DAY AT THE SPA would be a nice treat, or a night away just the two of you in a cabin in the mountains, or even a nice suite somewhere, can you tell that my idea of romance involves having lots of money..hehe..Seriously though, there are so many inexpensive ways to be romantic, like little notes left in places only you would find it, or a back rub or foot rub! Or, I'm a fan of having one flower given to me on the anniversary date of every month we've been together, cheesy I know but I think couples should celebrate their anniversary once a month instead of once a year, but thats cause I got spoiled as a teenager :). Anyhow, those are just some ideas....I should write a book, 1002 Romantic Ideas..hehe...

Heather B said...

Um...lacking the gene in my man. Dang it. I would love stuff like that. So I'm looking forward to your post on how it goes.

Jessi McCall said...

well, Bobby is a romantic, but be careful what you wish for. When he buys flowers I immediately think "how much did THOSE cost?" And, as much as I've enjoyed his poems, songs, candles, ect. He has NEVER in 6 years of marriage cleaned a bathroom...EVER! He's LUCKY he's an artist and can make up for his lack of cleaning! :)

Rob and Michelle said...

In 18 years of marriage, Rob has cleaned the bathroom exactly ONCE.

Tiffanie Novakovich said...

Read "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands." By Dr. Laura..

Marylin and Jimmy said...

In response to the comment to read Dr. Laura's book, I have read that book, thank you. This post was not about bashing my husband or being ungrateful for all he does for me, it was actually prompted by him asking me how men come up with all the ideas. Silly me I thought this was a way to get some ideas and hear from my friends.

Sara said...

I didn't take this as a husband bashing post. I think you totally know how to take care of Jimmy. Some men are not hard wired to be hollywood's version of "romantic". I think if Kevin tried to put on a sexy voice and some kink music, I's totally laugh in his face! It's not him. When he gives the kids a bath for me...that's sexy and romantic!

The proper care and feeding of husbands has NOTHING to do with this post. I've read it and like it, but so not appropriate here!