Thursday, December 25, 2008

James 11 Months

Well not only is tonight Christmas Eve but my baby boy is 11 months old!! He is such a good boy! Some quick stats

1. 20lbs 5oz(25%, which is very different for me, my girls were never on the small side)
2. 7 teeth (number 8 is peeking)
3. 27 1/2 inches tall
4. He can stand on his own but still prefers crawling to trying to walk
5. James has the greatest smile that melts my heart!
6 He loves his Grandma and Grandpa & Aunt Emily
7. He waves at everyone and everything, birds, mail man, the bus driver
8. He does not like cheerios but he loves just about any other food we put in front of him
9. I gave him a little tiny trim but not enough to save it or anything.
10. HE LOVES MUSIC!! Especially opera or great vocals!!

Merry Christmas!!

This is the morning after our big snow! I love that it stayed around for a little while!

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Beverly B. said...

My guy prefers to crawl too. It hard to believe that they will be one in a month.