Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Well this year we had a wonderful Christmas! Our children were kind enough to sleep in until 7 before coming to wake us up!! Then we all headed to the living room to see what Santa brought and my kids must have had more good days than bad because Santa was good to them! Lexi got her disired Ipod shuffle in pink, Grace recieved her new bike and James is a the proud owner of a tonka truck push/ride thing.

I decided this year to do something homemade for everyone in the house so the sewing machine stayed warm with 9 blankets & 2 aprons in just 3 days!! I made two blankets for each child, one for Jimmy, my Dad and Em then I made my Mom and Lexi an Apron. With the budget being low and the wish to give of my time and from my heart I figured it was a good way to go.

Jimmy got creative and filled a mini-accordian file with index cards turned coupons! Each one gives me something fun, like a massage or laundry service from sorting to putting away, an itunes gift card, a girls night out, and my favorite, I get to revoke some of his game time (Jimmy enjoys a computer game)!!! He has really been working hard on his romantic side so I wanted to report his latest efforts to all those that gave such great ideas and suggestions to my "Romeo, Romeo?" post!

So after a lovely breakfast (Thanks Mom) we played for a bit and then packed up and headed to Cedar City, Utah. I think we hit a hurricane on our way up with 50mph winds, sleet, rain, snow and icy roads to boot!! I did most of the driving since my husband so kindly announced as he drove down the freeway that he wasn't able to see the road in the dark! We promptly pulled over and I took the weel. It was a slow drive but we made it to our awesome hotel, it was a great gift from my friend Mari, she hooked us up at the Holiday Inn for not too much doe and it was perfect!!

The next day we got all dressed in snow appropriate attire and found a hill (thanks again Mari) and spent quite some time enjoying some wind in our faces as we sped down on our new sled! It was the first for the girls and Grace was not gonna waste it, she aimed at every jump she could while Lexi needed a little push the first few times down! James even got a few rides with Daddy and I felt like a kid again as I took my fair share of trips down the embankment! Then there was some pizza and some blizzards and some time just enjoying each other. I even got some time in the gym alone!! It was great! A much needed boost to our spirits after a tough few weeks! We got home today so now I have to post some pics oh and the one with me and the kids in our pj's is because we were all wearing sock monkey pj's :)!!

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Oh yeah and Jimmy and Grace held up a few stores while we were there, thus the need for the ski mask!! :)


Rob and Michelle said...

Glad you guys had a nice Christmas. I've been thinking about you lots. And my kids still say "ew" but they were too busy swinging to notice us kissing ...AGAIN!

Kasey Eyre said...

Dave and Jimmy must have been thinking the same...I got a coupon book too with most of the same things as you and one of them was for a whole weekend of no computer games! Don't we have great husbands?

Sara said...

Great pic. of you and Jimmy.....(it should have been ME & jimmy) but whatever! I'm glad you guys had the needed break. I got a bike. I wonder what my husband is telling me...ok I asked for one (kinda) so I guess it's alright! So it's nice to hear that you all had a fabulous time, complete with singing, and almost a 4 course meal, matchy matchy PJ's and super human sewing abilities, all while making it the best Christmas ever! I almost thought you were the perfect family, until I heard you held up a couple convenient stores! Now I know you're really just like the rest of us!!!!!!!
(I left you a comment on my blog. check it out. I'm getting kinda funny)

P.S- I like Grace's baby!

Heather & Greg said...

What a blast! I'm glad you guys had some much need time away. I think my family is head for a getaway soon too. Lets definently get together soon!!

Mari Burgess said...

I'm still so incredibly bummed I didn't get to see you, I'm so so so sorry!!! I'm glad you had a good time, glad you found the hill!!! Come back, will you!! I'll let JIm know he can't end up in the ER next time, how insensative is he?

Mari Burgess said...

Ha ha, I put it under Marylin Holler, didn't I? I didn't realize I did that till just now! Did you have a hard time finding it?

Liz - Jess said...

Your Christmas sounds like it was a great one! I love your idea of giving something homemade. Jimmys idea was awesome! I would love one of those. :-)