Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Check List!

So this week I have had a mile long list of things to get done or do, and I have been quite excited to have been getting them checked off! I have only a few big things left to do before I will feel the weight off my shoulders totally, at least for a minute anyway.

  • Get Grace Immunization Shots- CHECK
  • Get Grace Registered for school- CHECK
  • Get Grace's bus schedual- CHECK
  • Have Grace's hair cut- CHECK
  • Get new outfit for Grace- CHECK
  • Get my haircut- CHECK
  • Take Evan's family Pictures- CHECK
  • Edit Evan's family pictures- CHECK
  • Go to PTA meeting- CHECK
  • Finish 1 & a 1/2 aprons for winners
  • Get finished aprons and blanket sent to winners- CHECK
  • Write Christmas Letter
  • Design Add for School T-shirt- CHECK
  • Get Christmas Letters Sent out
  • Finish Kids blankets for Christmas-CHECK
  • Finish other sewing projects
  • Start Training for 1/2 Marathon (or maybe just a mile fun run :) )- CHECK
  • Get Lexi to Eye Appointment- CHECK
  • Pick up Lexi's new glasses (Long story will blog later)- CHECK
  • Get Grace to Eye Appointment- CHECK
  • Make sure James is fed during all of this!- CHECK
  • Help my sister Emily with her school assignment- CHECK
  • Last but not least BREATHE!!! (Although my Mom has always taught me that breathing is not important, so maybe that can wait)


Jessi McCall said...

Here's what I noticed from your list
1. Grace is high maintenence(sp ?)
2. You are super Mom juggling PTA with 3 kids.
3. YOU'RE TRAINING FOR A RUN!! YAY! I hope your training goes well, and if you ever need a friend to do a long run with,well, I'm your girl. :) GOOD LUCK SUPER WOMAN!!

The Bush Family said...

I agree with Jessi! SUPER WOMAN has NOTHING on YOU! :) Love ya!

Heather B said...

HOLY COW WOMAN, you are busy! Good luck with all

Jill said...

You do sound busy! Good for you. I usually have the list going, just none of the checks.