Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Well Played!!

Husbands, they are a very "tricksy" breed!  For many years I thought they were just floating along letting the women be in charge and not paying too much attention.  Then the epiphany occurred last night "Gosh darn it, they have been fooling us ALL along!!"

The Proof:

Have you ever wished for a moment to yourself?  You think perhaps the ladies room will provide a bit of silence, but no, there they are, the little munchkins sticking their fingers under the door, turning the knob, or just walking right in.  Or perhaps a nice soak in the tub? No, there they are again throwing their toy cars into the water, wanting to get in, or needing to ask you something "VERY" important. In fact I trained my self as a young mom to be very swift in the bath and lavatory because I know that my time is limited, so you get in and get out before they have a chance to swarm.

So these men, you see, figured out eons ago that if you stay in mentioned areas long enough, or create toxic fumes, children don't even bother to linger!  So here I thought that men were just taking a long time when really they are just enjoying the peace and quiet!! DANG IT!  We have been HAD!!


Amber said...

haha! this is funny.....but so true!!

John and Marissa said...

That cracks me up! I totally thought this about my dad growing up...LOL!

Liz Prisbrey said...

ahahahaha...... Yes, I picked up on this a little while ago! The problem is, we feel too unproductive if we stay in too long, even if it is for a little peace and quiet. Women have a get in, get it done, get out mentality. Just something else on the to do list!

Kari Clark said...

Thanks for the tip! Tricksy little scoundrels.