Friday, July 9, 2010

Flashback Friday: 4th of July Weekend

We started the weekend off with an adventure in Letter Boxing, it was our very first time. For those that haven't heard of Letter Boxing, it is similar to Geo Cashing, if you have not heard of either of them let me give you a brief description. Using a map provided by a website you follow clues to find a treasure, with Letter Boxing there are small boxes with homemade stamps that you stamp in your own little notebook! The kids LOVED it, it made hiking more of an adventure when they knew they were looking for something! Our friends the Clarks introduced us to this fun idea and we can't wait to go again!!

The kids getting ready for the hike
(look at the stink eye being exchanged between Sophie & James)

After a few different hikes in search of the boxes we found a great place for a picnic and ate some tasty sandwiches and let the kids play, they decided that playing in a nearby stream was just too tempting! Have I said how much I love it here lately??!!

After we filled our bellies and rested a bit we decided to explore once again and headed up a trail near the picnic site! I came upon these gorgeous flowers and sitting on them were these teeny tiny grasshoppers!! So cool!

It really was a great day and when we got home that evening the Kelley kids were beyond exhausted and slept very well!!! Thanks Kari and kids, it was so much fun!!

Saturday the 3rd we went over to Jimmy's parents house for a BBQ and fireworks! Jimmy was master of the grill and made some yummy burgers, hot dogs and a ground chicken sandwich for his wife who doesn't enjoy burgers and hot dogs!!

Jimmy showing us the "Proper" way to jump the smoke from the smoke bombs!

Great Grandpa and James making their way down to the fireworks

And of course I had everyone wearing Red, White & Blue

After the food we all went out to take part in our small firework show, it was fun until some people took a few too many deep breathes of the smoke.

After that a bunch of us piled in the cars and headed out for the Town of Parker Fire Works!! The kids were BEYOND tired by the time we found a place to park and sit, but when the show started it was all worth it!! However it did take us an hour to get out of all the traffic after wards, and then an hour back home so it made for a long night, yet again the Kelley's slept well!!

I didn't even take 1 picture on Sunday the 4th of July, I know I'm a slacker. We went to church and then had friends over for a BBQ and good conversation and a late night movie at their house for the adults. It made for a nice quiet evening.

I have a deep gratitude for those that have served and do serve our Country! I have many members of my family that have been in the military and I feel blessed to be a recipient of their sacrifice. I love being an American and living in a country where I am free to practice my faith, and believe in what ever I choose!


Cori said...

Beautiful photography. I LOVE the photo of your son James and great grandpa, how precious is that??!!

Kari Clark said...

That was a fun weekend, thanks for letterboxing with us, we'll have to go again soon! That pic of Grace and Ana making faces is hilarious!

millisa said...

fun!! the last picture of the trail you guys were on looks surreal! it is awesome! and i LOVE your grasshoppers :)