Friday, July 2, 2010

Flashback Friday: Occupational Hazards

Now I know it has been a little while since I worked out in the "world" but I still suffer from O.H. (Occupational Hazards). Ya know things that you notice more because of a job you had or have i.e.; someone who worked as a waitress will notice a good server more quickly, a Civil Engineer will notice grading and sidewalks (jimmy), Me, I notice Eye Brows!!! In fact I was recently sitting in a movie and the main characters eyebrows were driving me UP THE WALL!!!! I have tried over the years to not stare at my friends eye brows, I don't want them to be self conscious, but sometimes I just can't help myself! As a Licensed Esthetician, my solution in an effort to give a little advice on "Proper" Eyebrow grooming and shaping is to post a tutorial, A "How To" keep your eyebrows looking pretty!! You're Welcome.

Step 1

The best way to a great result is to have the "Proper Tools", you can find them just about anywhere these days at very reasonable prices. Below we have needle nose tweezers, slanted nose tweezers and eyebrow scissors. Take good care of the tools, if they are dropped "nose first" they will no longer work very well, if at all because the tips will not line up.

Step 2
When deciding the areas that need to be "Groomed" there are some very basic guidelines to follow. If you follow these tips it will ensure that you DO NOT OVER TWEEZE, which in my humble opinion, is the single largest mistake people make when tweezing their own eyebrows!!!

First using a make up brush/pencil or anything similar, hold it to your face connecting the imaginary line from the outside of your nose, to the corner of your eye (pictured above) any hair on the outside or right of the wand should be removed, the rest stays!

Next you will then place the "wand" connecting the imaginary line from the outside of your nose through the pupil of your eye (pictured above), this is YOUR arch!! This is the area in which you will have a natural arch, DO NOT remove hairs too closely to the inside of your eyebrow creating a "False Arch", it does NOT LOOK PRETTY!!

Last Step is to connect the imaginary line from the outside of your nose to the outer most point of your eye (pictured above), this is the area in which your eyebrow should end! Anything beyond this point can and should be tweezed.

The final Result is a well groomed eyebrow that is not too far apart, nor forming a uni brow!!

Please make note
I do not have very thick eyebrows, the hairs are pretty fine so I have to work with what I have. Also note that I have hairs that grow up instead of over on the inside, this is normal and very common, DO NOT REMOVE them, using your small scissors trim them a bit.

These are tips in SHAPING your brows, yours might be thicker, darker or lighter but these tips work for everyone! Women naturally lose thickness in their eyebrows as they age, and the hair will eventually stop growing once it has been tweezed/waxed long enough in the same area. These facts can either work as a curse or a gift depending on weather the hair has been removed from the right places. I have not had my eyebrows waxed in probably 7 years, the hair has mostly given up and I really only have to maintain a few strays a few times a week!

This is a DON'T
(unless your goal is to grow it and donate it to Locks of Love)

This is Another Don't
(unless you have just recently donated the hair to Locks of Love)

I hope to continue sharing some of the handy tips that I have learned along the way!
P.S Does this count as a Service Project??!!??lol


Emily said...

Hilarious! I'm not a trained professional like you, but have always seen eyebrows first - teeth second. It's awful, I know. I shouldn't be so focused on those things, but the eyebrows are the frame to the eyes, no?
Just to make me completely crazy, my sister will purposely brush her eyebrows all crazy and come chasing me until I nearly throw up in my mouth! Ugh!
Thanks for the tips - hope I've been doing okay...and by all means, save me from my ignorance if I have offended thee:-)

BZmommy said...

Lol!! Oh Marylin!! You crack me up! HECK YES this counts as a service project! Lol! I must admit that I have tweezed eyebrows that are growing in the wrong direction just because I never thought of trimming them. I'll have to buy some eyebrow scissors now and try to fix my mistakes! I'll have to have you analyse my brows when you come out. Love that you shared your valuable knowledge with us and didn't even charge a viewing fee! Lol!

Amy said...

ok, answer this. How in the heck does a blind elderly lady see her brow to shape it? glasses on the end of my nose are tricky. Just do it for me! I think I will pull them all out and go for the lovely penciled look.

Steph said...

so photogenic! I'm jealous!!! :)

Rachel B. said...

Oh man! Don't look at mine! I'm gonna be a little self conscious next time I'm around you or Emily. :) I'm a teeth girl as you can imagine. These are great tips though!

Missy said...

Ok, so I officially love your blog now!!! Liked it before, but this just moved it to a new level!! :)