Monday, February 8, 2010

This N That! HOLLA!!!

Just a few days ago I got the greatest delivery from the UPS man, the DVD with the pictures from Christmas in Vegas! Now just in case you didn't hear, while we were in Vegas we took family pictures with my family and when I went to upload them to my Mom's computer the CF (compact flash) card crashed and all the pictures from Christmas Eve/Day and Family pictures were stuck on the card with no way for us to retrieve them. After much research and asking around we went with a company called Gillware Inc. to help in recovering the data and so just last week we got the pictures and for me it was like winning the lottery!!!

Here are just a few


John and Marissa said...

Great pictures! So glad they were able to recover them!!

Kari Clark said...

Those turned out great! I love the last one.

Glenna said...

Man, I'm glad you got your pictures. I HATE losing pictures. I lost my digital camera like 2 years ago and I had just taken a whole slew of extended family photos of folks we RARELY see, including Alan's grandpa who just passed away last year. Argh! Anyway. I'm glad you got these... they are great!