Friday, February 5, 2010

Flashback Friday! Life Just Isn't Fair......So I Have Just Gotten Use to It!

My Mom has always taught us that Life isn't fair, things will never be equal in the ways we hope or want, she often says "Life isn't fair, so just get use to it." I think that was her best come back for when we would say "But Mooooommmm, that isn't fair, she gets to....(teenager blah blah blahs)" and now I have been able to pass it along to my children, such a nice family tradition.

When I was about 15ish our family made a trip to California and we decided one afternoon to rent one of those bikes that multiple people can ride sitting side by side and peddling along the shore. Sounded great, and I was very excited until we get to the rental booth and they tell us that anyone 16 and under had to wear these HORRENDOUS bright yellow helmets!!! Um, EXCUSE me! 16 and under, really?? Well, my Mom and sisters thought it was hilarious that I would have to have a helmet, I however, found it less so. Lucky for me my Mom had her camera and felt it best to document this amazing moment in my already damaged teen years, she did also let me remove the helmet once we were out of the rental booths sight! So after years in hiding I decided it would be OK as well as therapeutic to reveal it to all of you. Go ahead, laugh, it's fine, no really, just not too loud!! :)

Janna, me and Emily