Friday, February 12, 2010

Flashback Friday!! Love is In the Air so I thought I would share!

Being so close to Valentines Day I thought I would give a little "flash" love to my heartbreakin husband!

To most he is quiet, shy, reserved etc. etc. etc., you know the "strong silent" type! To me he is goofy, funny and laughs all the time. Jimmy is constantly teasing someone or everyone, especially the kids, in fact they are so use to it that most of the time they don't pay much attention. However, this week Jimmy thought he would be really funny when Grace asked him if he liked Valentines Day, he told her no and when she asked why, he gave her some lame reason like "it being too commercial" yada yada yada. She persisted and then asked him what he was getting me for Valentines day because "He just had to get Mommy something!" so he sweetly told her "Poop", that's right, my amazing husband told our 5 year old he was going to get his wife poop for Valentines! You're jealous aren't you????

Jimmy riding one of our nieces bikes while we were in TX last year!

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