Monday, December 14, 2009

No 7 Year Itch Here!

Today my husband and I celebrate 7 years of wedded bliss! I mean c'mon we really are the perfect couple, we've never fought or even raised our voices in all 7 years!! Amazing, right? Ok so maybe that isn't quite accurate, but I can say that we haven't done it today!

In all seriousness I really am a lucky girl to have found the one to put up with me, cherish me, love me and stand beside me when I was just a wee sprite of 9 years old! I don't really remember not ever loving him! He truly is my strength and if I have ever done anything right, it was marrying him. One of my most favorite things about Jimmy is his laugh, it can get just about anyone to smile, those of you who have heard it are smiling right now just thinking about it! It starts from the bottom of his feet and fills him up and then he bursts, throwing his head back as if it were the funniest thing he ever said/did/heard in his life! One day I need to capture it on video so if he is ever far away I can just play it over and over!

I love his strengths and his weaknesses, he has proved to be the perfect man for me over and over again. I feel blessed for every moment that passes and he is my eternal mate!

Let me count the ways

Top 7

7. His good work ethic

6. His smile

5. His spirit

4. When he helps me cook/clean/do laundry

3. When he tells me to go be with my friends for an evening

2. When he calls me from work just to say hello

1. When he hugs me just when I am about to have a nervous break down!

Dear Jimmy,

I look up to you and lean on you, and not just because you are big and tall, but because your gentle support is exactly what I need to get through the day. I am grateful to have you as my partner in parenting and in crime, we are like; Bonnie & Clyde, Bert & Ernie, Johnny & June, Froto & Sam, James T. Kirk & Spock, chips & salsa, water & lemmons, flint & steal, one of us is just no good without the other! I love you, may there be many more fun years to come!!


Rachel B. said...

Awww, cute! Happy 7th anniversary! You guys are cute.

Beverly B. said...

Congratulations. You make a beautiful couple. I'm glad you found each other. I remember it happened so fast but worked out for the best and you have such a cute family together.

It's hard to believe it's been that long. It will be 7 in May for us. Time has flown by for me ever since I got married. When people ask me how long I've been married I really have to think about it because it only feels like a couple years to me.

Janelle Ehat said...

"a wee sprite of 9 years old" you meant 19 right? Or did you really meet him when you were 9? Congrats!! and hope you have a wonderful anniversary!!

Kari Clark said...

Happy #7! We are so glad to know you guys!

Jimmy said...

Honey, I love you. Happy Anniversary! Can I be spock?

GHFamily said...

Seven years!? Wasn't it yesterday when you two were dating?

Marylin said...

Janelle yes, we actually were 9, crazy huh?!?! And Jimmy of course you can be Spock, if I can be Froto!! :)

Jessi McCall said...

Happy anniversary!! We celebrated 7 this year too!

Derek and Becky said...

Thanks for sharing your wedding photo. I love to see what people looked like before I knew them. What a cute couple. Becky

Liz - Jess said...

Happy Anniversary!!!