Wednesday, June 3, 2009

38 Years!! Holy Crap That Is A Long Time!!

Today is my folks 38th Anniversary!! They are really like a modern Romeo & Juliet, my Dad frequently stands outside their window and reads poetry or plays the guitar while singing (wink wink)!! Ok so maybe it's not quite like that but in so many ways their marriage is much better than any fictional characters. I actually love to hear my Mom talk about how they met, He called her best friend Kay and asked her out on a date, but Kay was married so she gave him my Mom's number and told him to ask her. He obviously called and after dating for a while my Mom told him either marry me or hit the road buster, so they were married July 3, 1971 in Denver, Colorado. My Dad was not a member of the church at the time but he was baptized in 1981, they have lived through 14 moves in 3 states, 5 kids (barely, sorry bout that), 7 almost 8 Grandkids, 8 dogs, countless cats, a hamster or two, four weddings, an elopement, a divorce (again sorry bout that), and they are still breathing!! That is quite the accomplishment if you ask me!! Something I love about their relationship is that they have always worked on staying close, they make little trips together, my Dad sends my Mom flowers, they go on dates and they are genuinely good friends. That has to be a huge part of making a marriage last and make it a happy one at that! I love you both and Congrats on today and may there be many more to come!!

This picture is only missing James (well he was in my tummy here) and the baby that Alyssa and Chet are expecting in August!!


Jolynn said...

Happy Anniversary! We just had a fun evening with your parents on Saturday. I teased them that they met before I was born!! They are an awesome couple!

Jack & Ashley said...

I hope thay had a great day and i love the way you can tell a story. I am also greatful that you picked that family picture since I am at my prettiest!!

Glenna said...

Congrats to them! They are awesome.