Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Track Break!

So Lexi is finally out on track break and we have enjoyed having her home, she is so much help and Grace and James love to play with her. She is such a good girl, she works hard at school and she loves her family. I love when she tells me that her sister is her best friend! We have done some fun things since she has been home, we went to the Natural History Museum and she and Grace went to Mt. Charleston with Grandma Holler. Lexi has also been able to have some sleep overs with her friend Gabby. On some days we have been taking lots of pictures and just hanging out in our jammies or "grammies" (as Grace calls them). So here are some pics of the time we have had together. Oh and some from Lexi's Jungle Party performance at school.

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Jess & Liz said...

What a sweet girl! I wish I was as thrilled to have my son out of school. But it could just be that you are a lot nicer mom! My boys would love to be doing those things!

Kasey Eyre said...

I love the picture of your three kids together. We had fun at the Museum too - I'm so glad you suggested it. We need to do more fun things like that!