Monday, July 28, 2008

Only a Few Issues

As of late I have had many the lad ask me how I have managed to keep in contact with so many old friends. Well, to answer that I honestly have no idea other than I (as my husband says) have a memory like an Elephant so that helps a bit because I remember just about every human I have come into contact with. Now lets take that a step further and with remembering people, there have been a few chosen individuals or events that I have, let's say memorabilia, as in pictures, movie stubs, newspaper clippings, letters, those sorts of things that I have kept. Well last night I was looking through an envelope that had pictures from my church history trip when I happened upon a newspaper clipping from when I was in the 6th grade. I am not quite sure how it ended up with the pictures but all I could do was chuckle a bit because you see this newspaper clipping is no ordinary clipping it is actually, well let me just put it up here for all to see.

This is a shot of the band at Matt Kelly 6th Grade Center, both Jimmy and I were in the band, he played the Trumpet and I the flute. We use to catch each other staring at the other, smile and then turn away a little embarrassed. I saved this all these years because you see Jimmy is in the back row and 3 over and it gave me butterflies even though it is the back of his head! I am somewhere in the front two rows but who really cares about that, it is all about the TRUMPETS!!

Yes, I have a few issues and the older I get the more apparent they become! Maybe one day they will take me away and lock me up, but until then I'll blog! :)


Michelle said...

Hi! Your family is darling. No, my last name is not Davis, but it is fun to meet a new blog friend!

LVCecils said...

save me a seat when they lock you up because I won't be too far behind! ok, actually in all reality I'll be there first so I'll save you one!

Steph said...

See it was kismet that you two would eventually end up tofether!