Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

So this year it was just us but we weren't going to let that keep us from having a good time!! We went up to my parents house (thanks Mom & Dad) and had some good eats! Jimmy handled the BBQ and cooked up some steaks and dogs and then we had all the sides too. Before we ate though we went swimming and the water was awesome!! Grace and Jimmy gave us a great show doing tricks off the diving board (mostly canon balls and belly flops) but fun to watch! James even had his first dip in the pool and loved it!! After swimming and eating Jimmy took the girls and Billy & Lilly (G-ma's dogs) on a walk around the block, James and I decided it was too warm for us. We finished the night with ice cream and fire works!!! It was great to have some family time to celebrate this amazing country of ours! We are so grateful for our freedoms and for all the soldiers that have protected those freedoms. So many people have sacrificed their lives so that we could live a better life, I have family members that have served in many wars and some who are still fighting the fight. As a family we feel blessed to live in the good ol' US of A.

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Since it was just us I pulled out the trusty tripod to capture the family picture

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It was a beautiful night, the sunset was great and the view of the Temple was outstanding.


John and Heather Davis said...

Happy 4th!!! We were up be the Temple too on the 4th- I agree the sunset was amazing!

Amanda said...

Cute family pics!!! Love the pool pics. Sounds like a great way to stay cool...your parents' house is great for that!!!

Jess & Liz said...

Sounds nice. That's how our 4th was last year, just us. I really enjoyed it!! It's great to mix it up and have both the memories.

Kasey Eyre said...

Looks like a fun weekend. I wish we would have done the fun fireworks out on the street. I loved doing that as a kid and we never seem to do it anymore. We just watch the big ones and that is that.