Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Thanks!!!

The last 2 1/2 weeks I have been consumed with a small thing called editing! I made a FANTASTIC weekend trip to Vegas for some photo sessions, it was both exhausting and exhilarating, my creative juices were flowing for 5 days straight, each session was different, fun and inspiring!!

The work after wards has put a toll on my house, kids, husband and my sanity at times, but this afternoon I called it a wrap as the last session was burned to a DVD and will be making it to the mailbox asap!!

I wanted to send out a BIG THANKS to the people and things that made it possible for me to work like a crazy women, and the miracle that my house didn't burn to the ground (with me still sitting at the computer).

First to the Inventor of the Crock Pot, thank you for keeping my family fed! honorable mention to Pizza Hut, Sonic & whatever my husband can grill!

To Mr. Dyson for creating a vacuum that can dust, sweep, suction and devour anything in it's path!

Yoplait for keeping me satisfied while sitting at the computer for way too many hours!

Opti-Free "Replenish" for doing just that so my eyes were able to stay open and in focus!

Catniss Everdine for giving me a few hours reprieve into your life in District 13 as the Mockingjay!

iTunes & Pandora for filling my ears with my favorite songs and keeping me awake

for keeping the head cold to a minimum

for keeping me comfy in your sweats & t-shirts!!


My texting buddies that kept me connected to the outside world!

Jimmy the Great for making sure we all had clean underwear and that the dishes were done at the end of the day, and just plain keeping it all going! LOVE YOU

Lexi for taking her siblings to the park in the afternoons so I could edit in quiet!!

Grace for doing her homework without arguing and playing with buddy!

and James "Spider-Me" for watching Einsteins, Matilda, Spider-Man, Bat-Man & Scooby-Doo multiple times while I "worked at the puter"!

Some of the Fruits of my labors!!


Rachel B. said...

Oh my word...Tara!!! I haven't seen her in years. I used to play soccer with her back in the day. And beautiful Liz. Great job on all of these!

Heather B said...

I'm so impressed! You are amazing!!

Kari Clark said...

You really are a talented girl! I'm stilling thinking about outfits...