Thursday, September 23, 2010

Slacker Blogger!

Just call me Slacker! I totally deserve it for the fact that my blog has been left soooo alone in Bloggy Land! I could tell you that the reason is because all I do now days is work work work! My photography business is hoppin and so it takes up all my time, not just spare time, but ALL my time! I could also say that when I am not taking or editing pictures I am taking reprieve in some reading and time with my laundry and Scrubbing Bubbles, not to mention my husband and children!

However I am not going to tell you that instead I will say that I am still alive and breathing most days. Having a slight mid-life crisis? Still deciding on that one since I am not sure if you can have one at not yet 32!! I have lots to show and tell about some projects that have squeezed a little time out of me! So don't give up on me just yet! Now I have to go deal with the almost 12 year old and her parent teacher conferences!! Good times!

Oh and since my friend Rachel is much better at getting pictures on her blog than I am lately I stole these from her! Thanks Rach!! :)

from a fun day picking berries with Buddy!!

Another fun day out at the Zoo with my friends Rachel and Michelle! Thanks Rachel again for the stolen pics! I swear one day I will get my act together (probably not, but it's fun to hope)

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Rachel said...

oh, you thief! j/k. i need to be better at sending out photos that i take of people....i'll make you a CD with all of them from the past month.....then you can use them guilt free :) we should plan another play date for the boys.

John and Marissa said...

Adorable pictures...James is just getting soooo big! He looks so cute with his lil' buddy. ;)