Saturday, February 28, 2009

If I Don't Laugh, I will Cry!

Many times in my life I have used this tactic, keep the smile as big as possible to keep the tears from running down my face. I think of my self as a "glass is half full" kinda girl, I work on staying positive and try not to let my sadness or worries spill into anyone's lap. I look at this life as a test and that if I endure it well no matter what, it can only help my case. I have to confess that the last several months have been especially trying at times but with three kids, a husband, PTA meetings, sewing projects, who has time to sit and feel sorry for themselves. However there are moments, fleeting as they might be, there are moments of vulnerability where I am alone with my thoughts and this week I had one. I decided to take a quick bath since two out of three children were at school, one was asleep and the husband was out and about. Now, I like my baths just hot enough that I get goose bumps but not so hot that skin melts off, now don't get it twisted this was not going to be a long soak, just a enough water to splash myself off with, but a bath nonetheless. So I sit down and allow the running water to run through my fingers and then splash my face and decollete then gently tilt my head back to take in a deep breath when the overwhelming smell of cat litter fills my airway and I begin to choke. At first I was like "Man I wish we were in our own place so I didn't have to have the cat's litter box in the bathroom!" My eyes became a little misty and then the hilariousness of the entire thing found me and swooped me up out of my pity party and I began laughing out loud!! I mean, really how funny, I finally have a moment to relax and all I can think about is the smell of cat poo and chemicals trying to mask it, can we say relaxing?!?! Maybe next time I will find somewhere else to relax!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Lemons What Lemons?

So tonight was the "Blogger in Real Life" girls night and it was sooooooooo much fun! Thanks to all you fabulous girls that made it cause you really did make my night, wait my week, no my month for sure!! If I am being honest about an hour before everyone started to arrive I was in tears because I had several texts in a row of people telling me they couldn't come for some reason or another and I felt upset because I believe I am a good friend that supports my friends in their jewelry parties, craft nights, coupon parties, selling liver from a suitcase nights, whatever nights and so I was a little miffed and sad but then the door bell rang and there were two smiling blonds standing there with food and I thought this is gonna be a fun night!! And it was!! I don't think I have laughed that hard for so long in a very long time! We had GREAT food and AMAZING conversations!! I didn't even remember to take pictures because we were just having a great time!!  It was so fun to learn new things and hear stories about everyone,  Jessi even though I had read about your "snow boarding" accident hearing it in person was way better!  Heather D. I think I learned that you are extremely "lazy" but your husband doesn't seem to mind!  Melissa I am glad you have informed me of that factory for people interested in losing weight cause I will not be going there anytime soon!!  Sara you better have taken notes so you can post about them!!  Heather B, laundry is just one of those evils that we must do in order to find our way through our houses!! :)  Ipuna you are more than welcome to use the restroom at my house but you must tell KC to go before he comes over!! Hee hee  Thanks again to the "cool girls" that came love to you and for those that didn't you missed out! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why I Create!

I love to be creative! I am not always good at the things in which I try to create but I love it anyway! I love photography, sewing, singing, writing anything that will fill that desire to create, to have something tangible to represent what is going on inside. I found this and felt it described how I feel and wanted to share. Love to all of you!

Girls Night Update!

So for those planning on coming Friday to the "Blogger in Real Life" girls night it is a pot luck as you know and the rules for what to bring are this; It must be something that you found on a blog or posted on a blog, that way it goes with the Blogging theme!! Thanks in advance and can't wait to see you there!! :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogger In Real Life!

Friendly Skeletons & Silver Dollars

Perhaps I am the only one that this post will represent and if it is than just humor me! In my late teens I made a few notable choices that changed the course of my life and while there is not a reason for me to delve into the specifics, let's just say that I have a few "skeletons". They aren't things that cause me any daily turmoil but now and again something will spark a memory and my heart rate will quicken, my shoulders tense and then I remind myself to breathe and let it go. I think in some way or another most people have that mistake they made, or family member that they don't really talk about, whether it be due to embarrassment, sadness or the fact that it is no ones business but theirs. I know that I have felt that more than once in my life and I believe that having been there makes me more compassionate towards others in their struggles.

Well a week ago I had one of those moments that caused my heart to race, but this time instead of it being a fleeting thought it was an actual person from my past whom I have had no contact with in 7 years! There were several emails passed back and forth and then a few phone calls and finally on Thursday of this past week there was lunch. So who are these people that caused a bit of anxiety, well it's my former Mother & Sister-In-Law. I must say that while I was nervous about the reconnecting at first, I left lunch on Thursday feeling like a weight had lifted. I felt free from some of the negative feelings that had been harvested within, I haven't been angry at them but they were guilty by association I guess. They really had never been anything but kind to me but due to the surrounding circumstances all communications were cut off.

My ex was not LDS and had no interest, but his mom would often ask me questions about the Mormon church and what we believed. I never expected the wonderful events that transpired in their lives since we last spoke, my former Mother-in-law was baptized nearly 4 years ago and my former sister-in-law, Toni, is taking the missionary discussions so she can be baptized. They are also planning for Toni's oldest daughter to be baptized this summer when she turns 8! How wonderful it is to see how the gospel has changed their lives, I feel blessed to have been able to speak to them about my beliefs all those years ago and that something they saw in my life seemed appealing! The Lord works in mysterious ways, he has healed my heart through them allowing me to embrace some of those "skeletons", knowing that no matter how many mistakes I have made the Lord has been able to transform them in such unexpected ways. I had no idea at the time that me answering a few questions would plant the seed. I found this video from Gordan B. Hinckley and it touched my heart.

I pray to leave "silver dollars" in peoples lives

Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback Friday! Child Labor Laws!

There is a large age difference between my two younger siblings and us older three "Holler" girls well we were fast learners at the fact that the younger kids were much cuter and got much more attention for it. Well who would we have been as older sisters if we didn't encourage their cuteness and allow them to use it to it's fullest potential?!? One afternoon Alyssa and I decided to have a lemonade stand in front of the house since we lived on a somewhat busy street, we knew that just us two might not get the business we sought, so add the little children with picket signs reading "Lemonade" and you have yourself a goldmine! Now don't think we made them do it for free, we paid them a whole 50 cents!! That's totally fair! The best part was that when the other neighborhood kids saw Jack and Em having such a great time they decided they wanted to join in!! Good thing none of them were aware of the child labor laws!! There has to be some upside to being the older ones!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Matters of The Heart!!

Well as most of you are well aware Valentine's Day was this past weekend, weather you are for or against the holiday it came and went yet again. Now, I for one am all for any day that my hubby decides to do a little something extra and I do the same in return. If he wants to bring me flowers or chocolate or jewelry I am not about to say no to the dear lad!!

But this Valentine's Day was special for all of us in the Kelley household this year! Let's start with Grace

Grace, was able to have a wonderful day on Thursday with her very Best Friend Brooklyn or Brookie as she is often called. These two have been great friends since Nursery but Brooklyn's family moved to the other side of town and for a little child, they may as well have moved out of the county because it seems so far away. Nevertheless we made the trek over to their house and the girls were able to play all afternoon, lucky for me I am a HUGE fan of Brookie's mom so it was quite enjoyable for me as well. Grace was too sad when it was time to go but I promised that we would return as frequently as we could.

this year spent the night with Gabby and then Early Saturday morning I brought her home telling her that there were some important "family" things going on and she needed to come home quickly. I think she was a bit nervous wondering what could be so important but she soon discovered the reason as she and I were sitting in the front room a familiar mini-van pulled up to the house. She looked at me and said "Is that who I think it is?", I coyly asked "Who do you think it is?" with a blush in her cheeks and a tilt of her head she replied "Coby?!" I smiled and walked from the room while she giggled. I went to retrieve my camera from the kitchen when the doorbell rang and before I knew it she had the door opened and the guest was trying to escape further embarrassment and had turned and headed back to safety. It was indeed Coby and Lexi was in the midst of pure joy as this sweet boy presented her with a chocolate rose, a teddy bear, a little plant and a card.

With a little prior knowledge we made sure to have a little something for her him, as we didn't want his efforts to go unrewarded. As parents there was an obligation to make them pose for a few pictures and to present the opportunity for as many awkward moments as possible. What kind of parents would we be if we didn't!??! After some short conversation Coby left and before the door closed, squeals of delight could be heard around the entire house. Lexi was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day walking around holding her romantic gestures. So sweet! It is a little scary though when I think about the fact that they are in the same grade as Jimmy and I were when we met!!

and I
started our Valentines on Friday with a surprise lunch from me to him and then we did a little shopping. I had actually planned to do main course in one place and then go to another for dessert but we were both stuffed after lunch so we called it good. I made out like a bandit at Bath and Body Works at their 75% off sale table and we made a few selections at Wal-Mart for the kids. Our next stop was to one of my favorite fabric places and while I went in to drool over all the amazing bolts, Jimmy said he was going into one of the other stores. Well when I came back out to the car there were red roses in the front seat waiting for me! Oh and how I love roses, the smell, the look, and how I feel when he gives them to me! The next part of our Valentines was Saturday morning Jimmy headed out for some errands and when he returned he was holding a plant, but not any plant, one with chocolate covered strawberries as the blossoms!! I have been wanting one of these amazing edible selections for a long time but who am I to justify sending myself one? We enjoyed the rest of the day with the kids making cookies and going to the park then that night along with my parents Jimmy and I headed to the Temple to do a session. It was a wonderful evening and a wonderful day all around.
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James, well now he is a little young but on Sunday we made an appearance at his "girlfriend's" birthday party. She was a little under the weather so he wasn't able to spend as much time in close proximity but I could tell he still loved being in the same house with her! Little Sarah will make for a great daughter-in-law someday! :) Seriously I am all about arranged marriage!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Surprise Surprise! And CO-OP

So last night I got the greatest surprise!! I was in my room minding my own when I heard my mother calling me from down stairs so naturally I had Lexi open the door to see what she needed :). She told Lexi she needed Me, so I took James away from his "comfort food" and walked out to the landing and she says "your friends are here", well since I wasn't expecting anyone I was a little confused so I came down stairs and to my wonderment my friend of nearly 14 years whom I haven't seen in I don't know how long was standing at the door, Sarah (Seeley) Peterson!! Now she no longer lives in Vegas so I was definitely surprised but sooo excited, I honestly can't remember the last time we saw each other. She came in with her three sweet children and we were able to spend a good hour just catching up! Sarah and I were great friends in High School and have tried to stay in touch one way or the other over the years. She is fabulous and so much fun to be around! Thanks so much Sarah for stopping by, it was a special treat to meet your beautiful kids and see you! Can't wait till your next visit!

Ok onto some other business! So I have been wanting to organize and start up a Co-op, for those that don't know what it is let me explain. You start with as many couples as want to participate and then each couple is allotted a set amount of dates/per month (how ever many the group agrees on), then each couple take turns watching the children once a month while others go on their dates. There are lots of different ways to run one and each Co-op can decide what works for them! Anyway I would love to find some others that want to go on dates with their husbands and don't feel like paying for a babysitter! If you are interested and you live in Vegas email me at

The other Co-op I want to start is one for the Tuesday Morning Adult Institute Class that Tom Wilson teaches. I haven't been able to go much in the last several years since they are no longer able to do babysitting so if there are any of you that would like to trade off so that one week out of the month you babysit and the other three you get to go to the class let me know and we will get it going!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

FLashback Friday! Enchanted

While I have spent most of my life here, I had some of the most magical years as a little girl in Steamboat Springs, CO. We moved there when I was not yet 2 and stayed there until the summer after Kindergarten. I have memories from our time there that have lasted me my whole life and are often the source of my "Happy Thoughts". When I began doing yoga nearly 8 years ago our instructor would council us to find a place in our minds that we could go to, to COMPLETELY Relax, well for me it was straight to the enchanted land of Steamboat Springs. Our time was short there but we lived in 5 different houses and one in particular stands out the most for me. It was out in the country with nothing but land for miles on each side, it was log cabin style with a side porch and a stream flowing behind it. I had my very own room with a giant walk in closet where my parents had set up a little play area for me complete with school desk. This closet wasn't just any closet though, it was my office, my desk was like a teachers desk only made for little kids and I had all my most important papers sorted neatly on it, I had a play phone to make phone calls and I would spend hours in my imagination. I remember how I felt while playing in there, free of stress and full of dreams, I could be whatever I wanted, a business women, a teacher, a doctor, a singer, a mom, it was my Narnia.

I have always felt blessed for the time that I was able to spend there as a child. It was a very small town, we spent winters skiing, ice skating and sledding, while summer was filled running through fields, catching tadpoles in the nearby stream, riding horses and Friday nights at the rodeo. I will never forget how on Sunday mornings as we drove to church there would be hot air balloons dotting the sky, enchanting I tell you. We were not rich but I felt like the luckiest kid alive while riding next to my Dad in his big orange (he says it use to be red) GMC truck with the radio on and singing along with Christopher Cross and ToTo!! I pray for my kids to look back on their childhood and feel the way I do about mine.

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This is not the actual truck but very similar.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Let Them Be Kids!!

As a Mom I sometimes cringe when I see my kids covered in something i.e food, paint, glue, soap, whatever their fancy but I would say that for the most part I have a pretty relaxed take on the whole thing. More so since Grace was born but even when Lexi was little I remember laughing when she came in to show me that she had gotten into the Elmers Glue and she was covered from head to toe, I took pictures before giving her a bath just because I thought it was funny. Now don't get me wrong I don't give my kids free reign but I try to let them be kids. Well I have been working on scanning the girls pictures (pre-digital) into the computer and I found some evidence of the amazing work that my girls have done. James has not yet given me the photo opp but he has plenty of time so I won't be rushing him any!!

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The one of Grace (top) she was eating yogurt and decided it would make for an excellent body lotion!

The one of Lexi (bottom) she was finger painting and I left the room to use the restroom and upon my return I found this!! How could you get mad at that face though!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Say!!! & Help Some Dogs!!

So ever since I started having children I have heard these words "Oh he/she looks just like _____________!" i.e my husband, my mom, grandpa, dog, uncle's monkey, pretty much anyone but me and that is fine, really I wouldn't mind if my kids looked like someone else and yes some of them do look like someone else but I finally have to say who I think my kids look like!!

This is a shot of James and I next to each other, and while yes, James looks like how Jimmy is now, that is mainly because James doesn't have much hair and Jimmy has a little extra weight on him so it makes them look similar. James is also a mix but Jimmy and I both agree that James looks more like me than him. So that's our story and we are stickin to it!!

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This is a picture of Jimmy and Grace and I say these two look SOOOO much alike it is crazy!! They act alike too! :)

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This is my Mom and Alexis side by side! I love that they both have the dark mop on their heads! I think Lexi looks quite a bit like my Mom did when she was little! Anyway so those are my thoughts on all this!!

On Another totally different issue, our friends the Harris family are working on their son Cory's Eagle Scout Project and they are trying to collect used or new blankets for an Animal Shelter! If you have anything of those sorts that you are planning on getting rid of, they would so appreciate it.