Sunday, February 22, 2009

Friendly Skeletons & Silver Dollars

Perhaps I am the only one that this post will represent and if it is than just humor me! In my late teens I made a few notable choices that changed the course of my life and while there is not a reason for me to delve into the specifics, let's just say that I have a few "skeletons". They aren't things that cause me any daily turmoil but now and again something will spark a memory and my heart rate will quicken, my shoulders tense and then I remind myself to breathe and let it go. I think in some way or another most people have that mistake they made, or family member that they don't really talk about, whether it be due to embarrassment, sadness or the fact that it is no ones business but theirs. I know that I have felt that more than once in my life and I believe that having been there makes me more compassionate towards others in their struggles.

Well a week ago I had one of those moments that caused my heart to race, but this time instead of it being a fleeting thought it was an actual person from my past whom I have had no contact with in 7 years! There were several emails passed back and forth and then a few phone calls and finally on Thursday of this past week there was lunch. So who are these people that caused a bit of anxiety, well it's my former Mother & Sister-In-Law. I must say that while I was nervous about the reconnecting at first, I left lunch on Thursday feeling like a weight had lifted. I felt free from some of the negative feelings that had been harvested within, I haven't been angry at them but they were guilty by association I guess. They really had never been anything but kind to me but due to the surrounding circumstances all communications were cut off.

My ex was not LDS and had no interest, but his mom would often ask me questions about the Mormon church and what we believed. I never expected the wonderful events that transpired in their lives since we last spoke, my former Mother-in-law was baptized nearly 4 years ago and my former sister-in-law, Toni, is taking the missionary discussions so she can be baptized. They are also planning for Toni's oldest daughter to be baptized this summer when she turns 8! How wonderful it is to see how the gospel has changed their lives, I feel blessed to have been able to speak to them about my beliefs all those years ago and that something they saw in my life seemed appealing! The Lord works in mysterious ways, he has healed my heart through them allowing me to embrace some of those "skeletons", knowing that no matter how many mistakes I have made the Lord has been able to transform them in such unexpected ways. I had no idea at the time that me answering a few questions would plant the seed. I found this video from Gordan B. Hinckley and it touched my heart.

I pray to leave "silver dollars" in peoples lives


Jill said...

Love that story! Thanks for sharing:) That's so neat.

VivaLasFloyds said...

Way to make me cry!

Thanks for sharing that video.

Sarah said...

Awesome story.

Steph said...

Isn't it interesting that an event that we are sure will have a particular outcome doesn't and it works out so much better than we could have ever imagined. Good for you for reconnecting!

Glenna said...

Thank you for sharing this. I love it! I haven't heard this before, or don't remember it.