Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holy HOT Jalepenos!!!!

So this story actually happened a couple weeks ago on the 8th of November but I have gotten a little behind on the blogging! So one evening I decided to surprise my husband by making his favorite Salsa, so the girls and I worked together to make it for him. I had bought all the ingredients that day so they would be really fresh, boy would I be kicking my own butt for that one!! I had made this many times and everything seemed to be coming along quite well. I was allowing the girls to get right in the mix of things, they helped cut everything up (with plastic knives of course, I am not that crazy) they were so excited to surprise Daddy when he got home from work. Well the very last thing to go in the Salsa are Jalapenos, I had the girls wash up and I decided to just do this last part alone. Well, for the sake of my children I am glad I made that decision because I would end up with severe burns on the tips of every finger on my left hand, the holding the pepper hand. Apparently these Jalapenos were like non others I had cut before, because I was in soo much pain that I sat on the couch with my hand in ice-water for several hours, I applied every ointment, cream, pain medication that a pregnant lady can use! My hand felt like it was on fire and as I was praying for some relief my husband came over to me and sweetly said "Honey the Salsa is REALLY good this time!" I responded with "Yeah, well it better be." That night I slept with ice packs on my hand and by the morning the pain had somewhat subsided. My hand would be sensitive for the next week and the tips of my fingers were white, well whiter that normal. I have not made any salsa since but from now on I will handle the peppers with gloves! Now, I may be the only one out there that this has happened to but if any of you have had something like this happen, I would love to hear. :)


Tom & Rachel said...

That is insane! I have never heard of that happening. I think I would probably never cut peppers again. And yeah, your husband better have thought that salsa was good! :) Hope it heals quickly!

Molly said...

Holy cow! I've heard of that happening, but it's never happened to me...and I've cut a lot of jalapenos! I'm sorry! That is crazy!