Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yes I really am 29!

Well yesterday was my 29th Birthday and, well I must say that for me the older I get the less exciting the birthdays are! I had lunch with my two favorite girls, Alexis and Grace at Panera Bread and then we came home. That evening we went to dinner with my brother-in-law Chet who happen to be in town. We decided to go to Claim Jumpers and it started out to be just us (the four Kelley's) my parents, younger sister Emily and Chet. Well by the time we left it had grown to be my sisters friend, Chet's cousin Justin, Chet's parents and Chet's sister Marissa and her husband John. It was quite a crowd. Now none of Chet's family I guess realized that is was my birthday dinner, they were there to see Chet, which was fine cause they were all welcome, it was just funny as they arrived they were like "Oh we didn't know you would all be here." Anyway so we had a nice dinner and then made a stop at Borders where I got to get a few cd's (they were one's I had owned before but that had been stolen when our car was broken into). We then stopped at my parents and had a little celebration cause my sweet sister had made me a cake! She was so kind to put that I was only turning 21!

Then we made it home and my sweet husband had also made me a cake. Poor guy he had stayed up late the night before baking it and he didn't realize that the part on the box where it tells you to use TWO 9 Inch Round Pans that it wasn't optional. So he poured all the batter into ONE 9 inch pan and then wondered why it wasn't cooking. Although I didn't know all this until he unveiled his masterpiece for me to blow out the candles! It was the saddest cake I had ever seen but it was my favorite cake of all time! It was spice which is my favorite, and a little candle wax never hurt anybody! All the hard work he put into the cake made it all the better!

Now as to the title of this post, well on Sunday someone at church was asking me how old I was turning and I replied "29" they laughed and said "No,really how old are you turning?" I again said "29" and they felt a little dumb but continued on with their thought that they thought I was more like 35. So I guess the question I then began to ponder is "Do I really look like I am only 5 years from being 40?" I don't know if it is the fact that I have a daughter who will be 9 in Jan. or maybe it's the lines around my eyes that I thought only peeked out when I smile.

Anyway it was another year and another birthday and Yes I really am 29! :)


Janna said...

Happy Birthday Marylin!!! I have your present here in Phoenix. I will get it mailed to you on monday!!

I love you sister, at least you aren't as old as me:)

Shelley & Jake said...

Happy birthday! My guess is the comment about thinking you were 35 was cause of Lexi's age, not because of crow's feet. You look gorgeous!

Kasey Eyre said...

I think you need to make a book of all of the things people have said to you and call it "What NOT to say to women." I'm glad you had a good birthday...Jimmy did a cake this year, next year he'll have to plan a surprise party!

Shelley & Jake said...

I've received plenty of those "what not to say to women" comments when I've been pregnant. "Jeez, you're HUGE!" (huge is never a good adjective for a woman:)) "I can't believe you still have two months left!" or "Do you have a doctor down there!?!" (while sitting at a counter) My biggest problem was not knowing how to respond nicely to these comments, "I know, it's really frightening isn't it?" or "Wow, I'll have a lot of working out to do!" So trust me, Marylin, it could be worse! :)

Tom & Rachel said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I agree with thinking that they thought you were older because of your daughter's age. There's honestly no way that you look 35! I think some people just shouldn't talk, period.