Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Scripture: A Little Bit from the Heart!

I have been thinking all day about what scripture would be great to share. I have been reading in The Pearl of Great Price (Abraham), recently and I took notes in church, yet I don't have a single thought that feels like escaping my head right now. So, I will speak from my heart and I pray you will be able to connect with me.

I am HOME! The kids and I had a wonderful visit to Vegas, we spent lots of time with my parents and I was fortunate to see some amazing friends while I was there. We drove into our driveway on Wednesday evening and it was the biggest feeling of elation, just so happy to be home, to see my husbands sweet smile and sleep in my own bed! As I am sure most of you can relate to the feeling of being happy to be home, there is also tons of work to be done, ya know: Laundry, cleaning, unpacking, grocery shopping, all of my most favorite things (enter sarcasm). Since we were gone nearly a month, and I brought back things that had been left in Vegas from our move, the work is ten fold!

Alas, I am exhausted! I have so much to do to get caught up, and the days still only have 24 hours, can you believe it, after all these years??? I have TONS and TONS of pictures to edit, thanks to some fantastic photo sessions, I still have several sewing projects, and my house and large booty need some attention (speaking of which it is sticking to my chair, hold on......perfect, someone was eating fruit snacks in my computer chair)!!!!

I can't wait for you to see and hear about some of the fun things we did while in Vegas, and eventually I will get to them, but for now I must go to sleep. Ok, ok, if you insist, here is a little sneaky peaky!

(above) Grandpa giving the kids a ride!!!

Some time at our favorite park!!

James and Sarah giving me some action shots!!

Grace enjoying the pool


Happy Sunday

All my love



Derek and Becky said...

I am so glad you are home. It did not feel right with you not being here. Can't wait to hear all the fun stuff you did.

John and Marissa said...

Ahhhh...home is where the heart is. It was so wonderful (as always) to spend time with you guys. I just wish we hadn't been so dang sick so we could see you more!